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100 Rooms

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 комментариев

  1. laykagatil3

    I also love this song.

  2. Kathy Siefring

    awesome gibberish O.o ok then……

  3. McKenzie Hammond

    pitbull when hes singing spanish idk what he is saying but i love him and his songs

  4. hsnmeis

    we Will have fun meet me at the hotel room B-)

  5. BlackDHbatman

    Wich one? the eninems you can eat or the singer? xD

  6. WhiteMomma412

    lol…. like dad O_O lol

  7. MsSkullcrusher123

     i know right! language XD

  8. Kaycee Adelle

    I was totally gonna say the exact same thing xD

  9. mario charpentier

    Very good

  10. PrimaryazProductions

    We at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn!!!

  11. puglover7276

    oh wow «awesome gibberish»? why not listen closely and you’ll hear that he is actually says women’s name (such as carolina, stephanie, sofia etc.)

  12. leonelhernandez900

    Meet me at the hotel room:-Do_O

  13. Annmarie Bidwell

    who knows what he means 😉

  14. InternationalCorn

    It’s called Spanish, not gibberish

  15. nerf65876544

    bad as song

  16. juliomorales822


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