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This is a Stealth Walkthrough for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Played on the Hardest Difficulty with Full Stealth and No Alerts With Commentary Provided by myself…Centerstrain01 This is played off of the Splinter Cell HD Trilogy Collection on PS3 Follow me on Twitter @ www.twitter.com Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Playthrough Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough Part

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Splinter Cell

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 17

  1. hiei68:

    Huuuu puro mexicano

  2. Dunkiep8:

    You lucky bro

  3. Dunkiep8:

    Sadono is presented as a badass in the beginning, at the end he is considered a little bitch.

  4. Ian Campbell:

    nice and stealthy !

  5. klootzak37:

    do you know wether you can still buy this game?

  6. greatperformer88:

    It wasn´t necessary to knock out the guard at 15:21. I know that because I have played this game.

  7. Phoenix Wright:

    Merces Letifer.

  8. 2344713:

    yo if i get this game can we play multiplayer together

  9. XoriginalXBOXguidesX:

    dude you can totally bypass the first dude sitting down.

  10. aguerrero769:

    Raizulee1 conviction was one of the best ones. Not trying to start a fan war but the graphics look decent in this one compared to Conviction. In conviction it was all about revenge and you could take it both ways stealth or compromised, which gives a challenge either way.

  11. PassionPromote:

    Yeah, they got a different voice actor but I think his deeper tone goes well with PTs dark theme.

  12. agent47gold:

    My favorite Splinter Cell game. hands down

  13. littlebigpro64:

    I got it for £12 so it’s quite cheap

  14. littlebigpro64:

    Just started played Chaos Theory hd and It’s so much better than Conviction.

  15. wassap124:

    I LOVE fisher’s voice.

  16. Raizulee1:

    Splinter cell are now an action game rather than stealth game!

  17. XHeavensEclipse:

    Agreed. Don’t know why the splinter cell franchise is moving away from stealth