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PLEASE TURN ON VIDEO ANNOTATIONS! Many things in this walkthrough are explained in notes on the video and also in the description below. Please read these before asking questions. Part 2 of 14 of my Super Metroid 100% walkthrough. Played in real time on Snes9x v1.43 rerecording with rerecords used to optimize video length. Area Covered & Items Acquired • Crateria: Energy Tank x2, Missile x3 • Brinstar: Reserve Tank x1, Missile x5, Super Missile x1, Charge Beam [00:21] Detour for missiles and energy tank I spend some time going back down to to the old Mother Brain and Brinstar areas to pick up three more missile tanks and an energy tank. Having these early on is extremely helpful if you’re a beginner at the game. [01:54] Bomb jumping Bomb jumping is all about timing your button presses just right to propel yourself up through the air with multiple bombs. If you’re not good at it, don’t worry; this is the only place I use it in the walkthrough. You can also get this energy tank by waiting for one the Geemers to crawl onto the ceiling and then damage boosting off it. Shoot the block the tank is in when the Geemer gets near, then jump straight up into the Geemer’s side as it crawls over the tank. [05:10] Mockball This trick is called a mockball. It lets you keep your dashing speed while in ball form, which lets you pass under closing gates without the Speed Booster. To perform it, dash, jump, push down once while in mid air, then push down again and hold in the direction you

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  1. ccseries:

    I beat this whole game not knowing you could jump off the wall like you can in Mega Man X.

    That one little room where the aliens «instruct» you to climb the wall?  I get it now. I always thought I had to Space Jump that.

  2. 82drumhead:

    Best game ever. I was 12 in 94 when this came out. I remember when I got it, I stayed at my grandparents house that night and brought my snes with me to play it. And I did…all night. In my top 3 of best games of all time…for me. Maybe number one.

  3. vitto1193:


  4. dingo23451:

    7:44 Was that a pipe to mushroom kingdom? 0o

  5. matthewakian2:

    Nice! Thanks.

  6. Ueslem da rocha pagani:

    como foi que tu feis o boneco ir rapido rolando

  7. arnad1997:


  8. RAgINgMAcHIn3:

    Okay I FINALLY got passed the mockball part and now the walljump part is giving me hell! UGH!!!!! hahaha

  9. RAgINgMAcHIn3:

    I’m stuck on the «mockball» part. I’m playing on my old snes and maybe that’s why I can’t get it but man I’ve been trying to do this for about a half an hour now and It’s really getting on my nerves. It sucks because I really want to get all that cool stuff but yeah can’t fucking do it! LIFE BLOWS!!!!!!

  10. Anderson Jorge:

    Hello a have a question. How can I go fast, in the boll, like in the 5:13 inthe video?? I’m not achieving. Thak you

  11. riolu32:

    I know right..wth

  12. CarLos Padilla:

    hey i trying other time in my ness. i not remenber nothing .. but i finish this game like «castlevania IV» <<< for me is the best ! killer instintic II, darius twins, Robocop vs terminator , but u r great ! in super metroid ...

  13. TheUltimate1500:

    i actually bought super metroid on my wii for 8 dollars witch is 800 wii points

  14. TheBatboy37:

    you are the man. i mean you already got 40 or 45 missiles!!!

  15. Andy Smith:

    @Desbreko in this early part of the game have you noticed that several of the rooms somewhat carry over from the first Metroid? For example, you explore areas of Old Tourian (hint: Mother Brain’s old busted tank) and Old Brinstar (hint: the Morph Ball room).

  16. Comso789:

    This walkthrough kicks serious ass. One of the best I’ve ever seen.