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(Watch in HD) — Persona 3 Portable English Walkthrough Part 35- This Walkthrough includes all S.Links, Boss Battles including Theodore and Vision Quest, creation of Orpheus Telos and 100% Persona Compendium, pretty much the same things I did in the Japanese Version. The only difference this time is the difficulty. So I wanna see how insanely the vision quest bosses are, specially hanged man and Margaret I’m going to record everything (social links, prays at shrine, activities at night, etc ) but I’m not going to record all the Floors of Tartarus, is boring watch a video fighting the same enemies over and over again. -Female MC-Story -First Playthrough in English -Maniac Difficulty Enjoy

[youtube 4TTDWuCcTVM]

WalkThrough 100 floors

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комментариев 15

  1. gcmartinez99:

    Lousy seniors and their lousy French

  2. reddiver1234:

    6:16 please help, for some reason when i go to the office i get a black screen?

  3. 21forbeingCoOl:

    in 06:56,if i be you i will chose «Are you blind?!» 😛

  4. kagato0987:

    Akihiko: I found the shed key let’s go! Lenalee: uhhhh Akihiko: oh I guess this isn’t, why are you just standing around the key isn’t here, gtfo! Lenalee:…hey Einstein, stfu and look a millimeter to side douche bag

  5. neopetsmaraquafan1:

    @MNamikaze101 same with mine D: have you figured out why?

  6. DrawingsOfNamine:


  7. toshio1334:

    Time to save the world again WITH THE HOCKEY STICK >:D

  8. MNamikaze101:

    can someone help me? It seems every-time i go in to the faculty office the screen goes black and all i hear is the howling. No one pops up and says something, it just stays like that

  9. tkh1234567890:

    how did u record this clip with sound?

  10. csbamskater:

    She failed saying Trés bien…

  11. goikty2:

    u shopuld search it up on pspisoz.com thats where i downloaded mine ^-^

  12. MrDraferzon:

    May i ask ask where did you guys download Persona 3 Portable english version ?

  13. salkfishman:

    @tiartiz tres bien is french for very good.

  14. TiarTiz Arc AniManiAct:

    tres bien..??

  15. Luxa3000:

    *_* akihiko is tres SEXY! i… i think… OH NO.