New Game IOS новое

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[youtube I5qS85ETrCQ]

new game IOS

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комментария 23

  1. pman lavelle:

    3 haha

  2. Harry Baker:

    3. 😛

  3. sotcefa:

    2 pet ville

  4. TheFedsAirsoft:

    4) Pets that give DIAMOND SWORDS when I pet them!

  5. Mouse Li:

    I play all these games… Except for mafia wars.

  6. jane wilhelmsen:

    heroin is most addictive

  7. minifig64:

    one mans trash is another mans girlfriend.

  8. anthony gonzalez:


  9. Justine Heartss:

    W-what?! I just shower ;n;

  10. Ball4184:

    heroine is more addictive

  11. dontblinkyoumightdie:

    heroin definetly
    I’m cold..

  12. elijah wilson:


  13. Alex Frazer:

    Heroin is more addictive

  14. Amanda Andersson:

    Naa you tell me you love me I come in for the hug and then you tell me I need deodorant ;_; …

  15. wtf911100:

    I’m still in 2010 must be the lag

  16. ImUberNuber:

    I want a griffin he looks Awesome!!!!!!!

  17. NovaAnimations:

    um uhh err ah, farmville?

  18. impbadminton:

    I would be more surprised if there is a thumbs down download feature

  19. costa vojik:


  20. beLIEveraliveMJ:

    Wait for the new layout next year or in 2014. You’ll wish you had this layout back. That’s what always happens. A new layout on a famous website, everyone bitches about it, everyone wishes they had the old layout back, repeat from step 1.

  21. dqnteinferno:

    Number 4 being killed

  22. Brony Pony:


  23. Brony Pony:

    I also stole an iThrone from a princess (Her brain was yummy) and a caveman’s iStone. He was to dumb for my taste :/