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Michel Petrucciani came from an Italo-French family with a musical background. His father Tony played guitar and his brother Louis played bass. Michel was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, which is a genetic disease that causes brittle bones and in his case short stature. It is also often linked to pulmonary ailments. In his early career his father and brother occasionally carried him, literally, because he could not walk far on his own unaided. In certain respects though he considered it an advantage as it got rid of distractions, like sports, that other boys tended to become involved in.[1] At an early age he became an enthusiast of Duke Ellington and wished to become a pianist like him. Although he trained for years as a classical pianist, jazz remained his main interest. He gave his first professional concert at 13. At this point in his life he was still quite fragile and had to be carried to and from the piano. His size meant that he required aids to reach the piano’s pedals, but his hands were average in length. This had its advantages, however: at the start of his career Petrucciani’s manager would often smuggle him into hotel rooms in a suitcase in a bid to save money. By the age of 18 he was part of a successful trio. He moved to the US in 1982, where he successfully encouraged Charles Lloyd to resume playing actively. On February 22, 1985, with Petrucciani cradled in his arms, Lloyd walked onto the stage at Town Hall in New York City and sat him on his piano

[youtube lXEZq6UphBI]

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  1. exjazzbassbaz:

    thanks for the info on this genius this man was very special.a wonderful musical mind.harmonicaly and technically brilliant.a massive contributer to our music in such a short life.thanks again

  2. allplanetTV:

    Really glad it is your favorite song. There is a lot of back-story to it. Nice to hear it again.

  3. marvinmedium:

    spirit-lifting x

  4. Boleslawable:

    Od dziecka kocham jazz. Wysoko cenie talent wielu pianistow jazzowych. Michell Petrucciani jest zjawiskiem jak dotad niepowtarzalnym. Ogromnie mi przykro, ze nie zyje ten wielki artysta.

  5. Globaljazzer500:

    Me too …its got that Tyner-esque feel evident on My favorite things?…..

  6. Popeydulagon:

    This is just fabulous… thanks for all Michel

  7. tinglado5:

    Michel, your music always be alive