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Today on The Super Indie Spotlight: Psycho Waluigi! I very fun game by Thunder Dragon inspired by Nintendo’s Mario franchise. Think Waluigi is a terrible character in the world or Mario? Well play this game and you might very well change your mind! Get Psycho Waluigi Here: www.mfgg.net Check out more Mario themed games: www.mfgg.net Follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com Like my Facebook Page: www.facebook.com End Music by Hige Driver: higedriver.com «indie statik» «indie games» «psycho waluigi» mario waluigi mfgg «mario fan games» galaxy review chiptune super indie spotlight «super indie spotlight» «game review» «video game» steam freeware «Indie Game» walkthrough trailer

[youtube 3zV7p06Rfqo]

Super Mario Galaxy

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. MrFourChin:

    Waluigi isn’t annoying, faggot.

  2. jeangael57:

    review, the super smash flash 2 demo

  3. Pengi1993:

    I haven’t checked out Mfgg.net in years. Thanks for re-introducung the site to me. The game also looks like A blast. I love side-scrolling Mario fan games.

  4. awesomemantm2000:

    Nintendo should release a new Wario Land game where you can play as waluigi. I’m sick of WarioWare. Warios one of my favorite characters ever I’ve beaten every Wario land game and wario world. Why has he been reduced. And why the fuck is a yellow toad more worthy than wario? . Maybe a blue toad is more worthy than waluigi. But this game shows that you n do cool stuff with any character.

  5. Markus Drolsum:

    I think I prefer the new Spotlights. Go Owen

  6. ozziedood1:

    same here man. i subscribed too.

  7. Thomas Howe:

    i got psycho waluigi the boss levels are fucking hard but the game overall has amazing gameplay a good story line its fucking fun to play.

  8. Chuck57841:

    This game reminds me a lot of Wario Land which is a favorite of mine 🙂

  9. Linkfan0001:

    subscribed as soon as i saw the word indie in your name 😛

  10. jakegolden1:

    native gamepad support, music to my ears

  11. iamgameboy7:

    this was a great review, I love when people make good remakes or remixes of old school games. A great one I found was Streets of Rage Remake 5.0, it’s (as the title would suggest) a remake of Streets of Rage, but since sega owns all the copyrights, the programmers who spent over 8 years making it got non of the money for its release. Really sad since in my opinion it is the best version out of all the streets of rage games.

    Anyways, I hope you find more games with great homage like this.

  12. IndieStatik:

    haha, good! 😀 They are great!

  13. Taufiq Haque:

    Yea one tiny problem though… I’m addicted to these games now :S

  14. Marcelo Shigueo Toyama:

    Sort of remind me of the Mickey Magical Quest for snes

  15. IndieStatik:

    Woo hoo!

  16. IndieStatik:

    Awesome! Thank so much for the support!