All Rape Trains in Der Riese (Run Circles / Looping / Kiting Strategy Guide Tutorial)

Straight Circles? What’s that? Expand for direct area access. 0:00 Thompson Room 1:30 Power Courtyard 3:20 STG Room 5:55 Type 100 Room 8:55 Noname Upstairs Room 10:10 Speed Reload Area 11:25 Double Tap Area 13:02 MP40 Room 17:05 Spawn 20:30 nc random gameplay

[youtube V4IYR2OF7H8]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 20

  1. LeFreshPrince:

    Damn them barrels!

  2. waughzone1:

    bro great tutorial it helped me get to round 31 i could have gotten further but i had to get off, cheers again great tutorial

  3. Chevydude44:

    You just earned yourself a new subscriber!

  4. Лев Быков:

    So easy,start round near double tap,run down,try stay near box,and when zm coming,run to teleport C,wait for zombies,teleport,and run to the trenchgun room,stay here for 5 seconds,and after that run up ladder and again near double tap,so easy,guys

  5. LegitZombieSlayer1:

    How the fuck do you get to high rounds?

  6. LegitZombieSlayer1:

    He’s actually really good faggot.

  7. xKriqz:

    You just earned a Sub Bro 🙂

  8. MrRed12370:

    BULLSHIT!!! You have probably never gotten that far and that’s why you say that idiot.

  9. djgreykiller:

    Bowie kills ’em in 2 knifes, no matter what round. 

  10. djgreykiller:

    Bowie kills ’em in 2 knifes, no matter what round.

  11. TheUpriseConvention:

    Really good video! Cheers for this!

  12. David Avery:

    Im really good running the thompson room

  13. MitchReturns:

    im getting the hang of rape training in kino got to round 20 on solo earlier

  14. Лев Быков:

    cuz I dnt like rape trains

  15. Лев Быков:

    I hate rape trains at der riese,I know,I get to round 11 on courtyard without opening something,but be cornered,I use my wunderwaffe and died

  16. EscobarZ GameZ:

    Nice 180 when you saw you wouldn’t make it 😉 That’s what makes the difference, improvising when you see/ feel like you won’t get past them.

  17. Blake Paule:

    hi guys im on Der Rieseeeeeeeee

  18. rexboy6:

    3:46 run a fucking U

  19. xChiMzZ:

    Great video, keep doing what your doing

  20. luke donnelly:

    tom852000123 i got to round 32 rape traning in the power courtyard so thank you very much you have been a great help to me