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This walkthrough shows you how to complete level 73 of the iPhone/iPad/iPod app 100 Floors. If you would like to see more walkthrough videos please subscribe to this channel! How YOU Can Create an iPhone or iPad App or Game in 4 weeks And Hit Pay Dirt With It In The App Store With No Programming Skills For A Free Video Lesson Just Click Here: bit.ly How To Get The Best Out Of Your iPad? Free Video Lesson Reveals All Just Click This Link: bit.ly How To Make Incredible IPhone Videos TV Producer Legend Jules Watkins Reveals The Secrets Get A Free Video Here: bit.ly How To Make iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience Free Video Reveals All You Need: bit.ly How To Market iPhone Apps Just Click This Link: bit.ly Want to design your own app, but don’t know where to begin? just come to the right place click here: bit.ly You Own The Best Phone In The World! Learn How To Get The Very Best Out Of IT Every Day Just Click Here: bit.ly UnseenApps: Get access to more than 50 apps for iPhone and iPod touch. These apps are not just unique but insanely useful. just click here for a free Video: bit.ly

[youtube Eb0bzijOpkQ]

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  1. fishyslikebubbles:


  2. skyblueechick:

    This doesn’t work for my phone … i need the solution 0__0

  3. andrea vazquez:


  4. TheAppInsider:

    I’m one of the first people to upload the answers for these apps 🙂 As soon as an update comes out I will of uploaded the new level walkthroughs with in about an hour 🙂 So yes I figure them all out by myself 🙂

  5. SungminLuv0:

    hmm… I’ve been wondering how you figure the levels out… did you use the web site for answers or you just figured everything out?

  6. KeepFoolish:


  7. ferni320:

    73 is Sheldon’s favorite number :)

  8. MrsAwesomedude:

    Mine won’t work? It won’t swipe in the order you say to. Like it lets me go left, left, down, but when I try to swipe right, it won’t let me

  9. SebastianCamacho195:

    The key to this is never getting the same answer.
    For example: 0+20=20 or 0+5=5 (both possible answers)
    20/4=5 ( already a possible answer) therefore it has to be 20*2=40
    and so on and so forth 🙂

  10. shwa51996:

    Thanks a lot

  11. djc101992:

    howww did you manage to figure that out??

  12. Figuregirlhc:

    Thank u!!! It helped a lot!!!!

  13. sabo628:

    Depending on which direction you go use the corresponding function and do the math. For example, the beginning is 0 with option to go left with +20 or right with +5, so if you go left you have 0+20=20, and right is 0+5=5. the next center number will correspond with the answer, so if you go left at the beginning, the new center number will be 20. From here you have the choice to the left as *2 and the right as /4, so you choose either 20*2=40 or 20/4=5. I hope this clears up the confusion.

  14. DeadIshRose:

    Great, thank you 🙂

  15. nikki2124ful:

    Left,left,down,right,up,right,up,left,down,left….thats the order:)

  16. someone12361:

    Thank yooouuuu soooo much .. U really r smart!