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Collection of highlights of Tom Brady’s career with the New England patriots. Enjoy:) ———————— Tom Brady Peyton Manning football tribute nfl top best highlights favorite eddie hits sports bowl songs greatest cowboys madden eagles giants dallas superbowl steelers touchdown colts saints vikings patriots pittsburgh picks brett bears tackle jets raiders nfc redskins packers draft flag cardinals philadelphia espn baltimore broncos lions falcons league favre catch panthers reggie playoffs browns pass bay arizona «football highlights» «dallas cowboys» washington england minnesota rams dolphins stadium denver bills 49ers quarterback «flag football» field titans orleans mlb chicago moss east miami return win interception seahawks Warren, Gerard Vollmer, Sebastian Vereen, Shane 1 3 NFL top 100 list 1 3Brady, Tom QB Patriots Video 2 1 Manning, Peyton QB Colts Video 3 7 Peterson, Adrian RB Vikings 4 4 Lewis, Ray LB Ravens 5 8 Reed, Ed S Ravens 6 6 Polamalu, Troy S Steelers Video 7 10 Johnson, Andre WR Texans 8 14 Revis, Darrelle CB Jets 9 9 Brees, Drew QB Saints Video 10 18 Peppers, Julius DE Bears 11 2 Rodgers, Aaron QB Packers Video 12 26 Ware, DeMarcus DE Cowboys 13 15 Johnson, Chris RB Titans Video 14 13 Fitzgerald, Larry WR Cardinals 15 25 Freeney, Dwight DE Colts 16 12 Woodson, Charles CB Packers 17 45 Ngata, Haloti DT Ravens 18 17 Asomugha, Nnamdi CB Raiders 19 5 Matthews, Clay LB Packers Video 20 11 Vick, Michael QB Eagles Video 21 29 Harrison, James LB

[youtube fRG2-_uuhzo]

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  1. Southpaw447:

    Great Video. I’m privileged to be able to say that I was able to see one of the greatest players in NFL history compete every Sunday. Not watching highlights but actual live performances. Tom Brady is amazing and IMO one of it not the best QB ever. Talented, Intelligent and underrated for his toughness. Watching him play the QB position could be equated to watch Barry Sanders run or Lawrence Taylor abuse an offense. It’s incredible to watch.

    signed, a Packers fan

  2. Dāvis Pērkons:

    Man.. I Have to say.. one of the BEST inspirational/motivated videoclips on YouTube.. EVERY athlete, who wants to be the best SHOULD see this.. The part 0:30-0;45 gives me goosepumps every time. Salute to you, videomaker!!

  3. Franco Bates:

    thats what im saying, he easily has 5 years left with arguably his best team yet. i think they are way ahead of the league and 100% winning this year but lets see where it goes from there

  4. Franco Bates:

    everyone always says he has the worst defense in the league in the last couple years but yet he keeps winning. he also has players like welker who werent that good till they came to the patriots. belichek and tom brady make people better


    Brady owns imagine he had Welker or Gronk in his early years they’d destroy teams.

  6. LuizAngelEscobar:

    Montana 1
    Brady 1a
    Elway 3
    Maning 4
    Unitas 5

  7. LilEminemDrake:

    This has 12 likes… NOBODY ELSE LIKE IT! :O

  8. NesianBoY96:

    Who is this guy

  9. Blowjoppe:

    thats why the last years he had one of the worst defenses and in the beginning of the seasons almost everyone thought they would struggle to get to the play offs. Brady played with good and less good offenses but just made those offenses great look at randy moss, deion branch,… He made them even better in my opinion

  10. bostonbruinbabyboy1:

    I would suck Tom’s penis.

  11. ullorbrolly:

    brady sucks.. overrated cunt… patriots IS arguably the best put team ever… they always carry his ass…. LOVE TO SEE MANNING WITH THAT TEAM.

  12. Moman893:

    I wouldn’t really say there are plenty others, or many even on par with him..he has 29 TDs and 4 picks with 0 fumbles lost. Manning is easily the only other qb playing as well as him, and i would argue brady is playing slightly better, Manning — 30 TDs, 10 picks and 2 fumbles lost. Thats THREE times the turnovers. And Gronk and hernandez are the deep threats, hernandez isn’t 100% and gronk has been hurt, Welker and woodhead are tiny so he does short under routes

  13. TenaciousBLT:

    He changes the pace to mess up the D — his passes are pinpoint perfect and he goes multiple games without a pick. His stats are going to put him top 5 QBs all time PERIOD

  14. jaymac508:

    no…that is an actual statistic…and if you actually watch the games which I sure you do, you would realize that….even in the Texans game besides the semi bomb to lloyd and the bomb to stallworth, all his passes were dumb offs to welker, hernandez, or woodhead….I have no problem with Brady, the guy wins and puts up numbers, I was just sating to that other kid, that there are other QB’s out there who are just as impressive if not more

  15. Moman893:

    So is that 82% an actual statistic or is that you making up a random exagerated number because you don’t like brady? lolz.

  16. Moman893:

    Im an enormous pats fan and i slightly agree with you as well for that 07 year, but with that being said, I don’t consider Brady the best ever, i don’t consider anyone the best ever, Joe Montana, John Elway, and Tom Brady to me personally are on an equal level of quarterback gods in my eyes.