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www.longplays.org Played By Tsunao A puzzle game by (for simplicity’s sake) Nintendo. I guess…something about Mario being a construction worker…Iunno. NO PLOT! REALLY, REALLY difficult puzzle game with 100 Stages. Some phases can become unwinnable. Thankfully, the developers made the Select button the «reset» button (go back to the Title Screen). For this longplay, I go through all 100 Phases with no skills. I do get the Golden Hammer here and there and a few lives. I won’t bother with the mechanics of getting the Golden Hammer. Just know that it involves a formula, swings, and bombs. Lives are obtained by finding which doors/walls contain MARIO (or LUIGI, but everyone knows «that green guy» is irrelevant.), but that’s easier said than done. Did I mention there was no skills involved? I did this because hipoonios demanded it! He better be a happy hipoonios or I will remain a sad Tsunao. D=

[youtube vCF40ee11JQ]

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  1. Xeriphas1994:

    Undoubtedly the feud started here, during Wario’s previous career as an OSHA inspector. Not only would Mario continually set off explosives with no safety radius, he even turned up some of the union’s bribe money on the bonus screens.

  2. newageBoundhippie:

    I’m now hoping for an Adventure mode stage in the next Smash Bros based on this game, with Eggplant Man, Foreman Spike and whatever the snakes are called to fight.

  3. Phlebiax:

    I used to have this game on the NES 🙂 Got it for my birthday if i remember correctly with Gauntlet 2!

  4. DJXsTreamMusic:

    i let them* come back.
    sorry , it s late in my country

  5. DJXsTreamMusic:

    that was the best thing i say today
    and about the game… i remmber i used to play with my mum when i was younger ,trying to get the golden hammer all the time. and trying to hit the gates and make the enemies go inside and smack them and than letting them chasing me after i left the come back in normal screen

  6. XJVHS:

    This sure brings back memories. Thanks for uploading :)

  7. kevinhwsohn:

    Daiku no gen san 2 for Nes please!

  8. Ricardo Barraza:

    can you do wacky races for the nes

  9. egameboss:

    Classic NES game. Thanks for uploading.

  10. cubex55:

    …and last — blocked!

  11. airw99:

    Must be Mario’s early underground games (mixtape)

  12. spoonshiro:

    Never cared for this one. Just felt really dull to me.

  13. WhoamIbutwhoareyou:

    Had to review the content in order to understand the question. I meant the statement as in this music being good.

  14. nezimar:

    I’m gonna WRECK-IT!

  15. AvEryBadApPLe:

    Hmm, Mario made turtles flip upside down, saved a princess, played golf, reffed Mike Tyson fights, wrecked buildings, kart raced and done a ton of other things. He really lived an interesting and full life. lol

  16. mrko1117:

    MrMilju should get banned for saying 1st! ╰_╯

  17. SamuraiHonor:

    i own a snes and heard a lot of talk about this game, but never played it.
    its somewhat of a relief that i’ve now finally seen in ^__^
    looks like a great game , especially for that time, some great music in there -^.^-

  18. schoolfilmer:

    I have this game on the 3DS via the Ambassador Program. Fun game, but tough!

  19. spikeriley:

    Anyone who plays Super Smash Bros. Brawl now knows where the Golden Hammer opriginated.

    Good video.

  20. curtiscbear00100:

    Wow, what a cool game! Kind of long for a NES title.

  21. RubycoredBejeweled:

    Ha, after all these years i’m still trying to pass this game

  22. CrocoDuck420:

    Game Center CX

  23. MrMilju:


  24. WhoamIbutwhoareyou:

    Dat music.