www.longplays.org Played By Tsunao A puzzle game by (for simplicity’s sake) Nintendo. I guess…something about Mario being a construction worker…Iunno. NO PLOT! REALLY, REALLY difficult puzzle game with 100 Stages. Some phases can become unwinnable. Thankfully, the developers made the Select button the «reset» button (go back to the Title Screen). For this longplay, I go through all 100 Phases with no skills. I do get the Golden Hammer here and there and a few lives. I won’t bother with the mechanics of getting the Golden Hammer. Just know that it involves a formula, swings, and bombs. Lives are obtained by finding which doors/walls contain MARIO (or LUIGI, but everyone knows «that green guy» is irrelevant.), but that’s easier said than done. Did I mention there was no skills involved? I did this because hipoonios demanded it! He better be a happy hipoonios or I will remain a sad Tsunao. D=

[youtube vCF40ee11JQ]

Video Rating: 5 / 5