Splinter Cell — Conviction Walkthrough with Commentary Part 2 — Beware the Ceiling

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Splinter Cell

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 13

  1. skat26onPSN:

    God damn, I love Sam’s voice

  2. megayoshi5000:

    is double agent better than conviction?

  3. megayoshi5000:

    hunted demon forge sucks balls

  4. MrDmanfox:

    Seamus: that’s an awful lot of blood to come out one guy me: you haven’t seen a lot if blood untill you watch Cohan the barbarian

  5. manny09ish:

    Actually that is a choice from the maker of the video (Aka SSoHPKC) That is how he make money..

  6. MoonKnightandSpidey:

    or Demon Souls?

  7. kilala434:

    get google chrome with the ad block extension

  8. kevin miles:

    if you like to bust in places and shoot people play Max Payne, mane

  9. aguerrero769:

    8:15 he’s missing the AK

  10. aguerrero769:


  11. ModernXpert:

    U earn money through it -.-

  12. 123time2die:


  13. Colby Smith:

    But it’s fun to watch the way Seamus plays