Minecraft Survival — EPIC POTION ROOM! (S2E39)

Hey! Worked super hard on this video today! It took me nearly 4 hours to finish everything! Miss an episode of survival? Check out this link and subscribe to the show! ➜ www.youtube.com World Download: ➜ tinyurl.com Seed: ➜ 578396671 ———————————————————————————- Click here to be a Jevinator! ➜ tinyurl.com Click here to get iJevin T-Shirts! ➜ tinyurl.com Check me out on Twitter! ➜ tinyurl.com Check me out on Facebook! ➜ tinyurl.com Send me Mail! ➜ Jevin P. ➜ PO Box 20442 ➜ Dayton, Ohio 45420 Need a Minecraft server? ➜ tinyurl.com PIN ME TO YOUR HOMEPAGE TO GET ALL MY VIDEOS WHEN THEY COME OUT! ———————————————————————————— Music Information Music For Intro! ➜ tinyurl.com Music For Outro! ➜ tinyurl.com Background Music! ➜ tinyurl.com The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: c418.bandcamp.com ———————————————————————————— -IGNORE THESE- How to play Minecraft How to mod Minecraft How to get on Machinima How to craft How to find diamonds TAGS: minecrafts minecrafting minecraft server free minecrafter for texture packs skins modding build machinima maps crafting seed seeds download mine craft list cracked survival hack mod mods games game gaming online youtube notch jeb mojang twitter new version blog how

[youtube srCczoJj2RI]

new game IOS

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комментариев 16

  1. nicholas franco:

    poison potions heal you ijevin

  2. noah sutton:

    Nice water source

  3. CaptainFyre Fyre:

    and hes using snapshot.

  4. SamSafari52:

    Im pretty sure water doesn’t drip through glowstone… just sayin…

  5. Chestervy:

    English, speak it.

  6. mistermister2003:

    awsome water sorce in the roof

  7. mistermister2003:

    he usez lots of sticks

  8. mistermister2003:

    i think the posison room is great i learnt how to make lots of posions and how to make item frames 🙂

  9. mistermister2003:

    does he have a server he should make a video how to make a server

  10. mistermister2003:

    i think it would be good if he repalce the stairs with some block like diamond iron emrald or gold i think anything that would be rare is good

  11. MrRazamataze:

    i saw the creeper down in TO like a few months ago lol

  12. EpicSpiderWizard:

    ya, for my potion room i did a water source instead of a cauldron.
    honestly it makes things a ton easier

  13. Angel Ayala:

    how did you memorize the potions?

  14. Dub Step:

    Put ice under water.. Items will move faster!

  15. kabochino shofany:

    I think i founded the Creeper…. See Down In The Left Cornor Theres like Sub to IJevin.. The »TO» Has Creeper on the ‘O’

  16. fatloasdiet:

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