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(Watch in HD) — Persona 3 Portable English Walkthrough Part 41- This Walkthrough includes all S.Links, Boss Battles including Theodore and Vision Quest, creation of Orpheus Telos and 100% Persona Compendium, pretty much the same things I did in the Japanese Version. The only difference this time is the difficulty. So I wanna see how insanely the vision quest bosses are, specially hanged man and Margaret I’m going to record everything (social links, prays at shrine, activities at night, etc ) but I’m not going to record all the Floors of Tartarus, is boring watch a video fighting the same enemies over and over again. -Female MC-Story -First Playthrough in English -Maniac Difficulty Enjoy

[youtube c1GhsNHGT-I]

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  1. Bryan Colthearts:

    Mitsuru: Welcome Back
    FeMC: *goes out*
    Me: heh :D

  2. Bryan Colthearts:

    *is speechless*

  3. MyfirstMagarita:

    Phew, finally I already watched how it looks like whwn starting love path with senpai <3

  4. KeybladerStorm:

    Is it weird that I find it funny that when Hidetoshi comes up to you I’m «meh, okay» but then RIGHT afterwards it’s Akihiko and «YAY~» *or me just squawking

  5. berrybunny242702:

    you can date them both! in the boy version too.

  6. Jay122233:

    Tanaka sounds like a old money loving pervert……to me anyways

  7. toshio1334:

    🙁 so you can’t go with shinjiro and akihiko?

  8. 2vmt:

    WHAT! HOW LAME!! I wanna seduce EVERYONE! XD

  9. ryanfireman1142:

    no if you get close enough to that person it will say they would be mad if you go out with anyone

  10. 2vmt:

    Question to anyone who knows:
    Can you seduce multiple people at once in this?