T-SHIRTS, Hoodies & Hats: rcsparks.spreadshirt.com TWITTER: twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com FACEBOOK APP: apps.facebook.com RCSparks STUDIO: www.RCSparks.com RC FORUMS www.rcsparks.com RC BLOG: www.rcsparks.com RC Photo Gallery: www.rcsparks.com CREATED BY: djmedic2008: youtube.com Mepic Nation Fan Channel: youtube.com OHHH MAN! Got some BEAUTIFUL shots of some amazing NEW Rock crawlers in the infamous Teds Garage.. Teds is Located in Calgary Alberta, Canada and is host to about 100 RC Rock Crawlers every year — and the number just keeps growing! This indoor course has evolved from just a few guys crawling some firewood and bricks into a WORLD FAMOUS online Rock Crawling Mecca for RC Hobby Enthusiasts… Follow the Adventures as TED himself busts out a NEW Beetle Juice Chassis.. and has a run at his own course.. — The Competition was fierce this day — but I was able to capture some of the banter as the gate rules were discussed! Can you believe what this has turned into? Totally AWESOME! Also featured in this film is another driver sporting his amazing AXIAL XR10 Build.. an awesome custom job.. much like MEDiC’s own rig! This black beauty scales across the rocks with ease.. as the talent of the drive.. and capability of the rig — fuse to become one entity… Keep up the great work.. a win is just around the corner!! Stay Tuned for MORE of TED’S GARAGE!! Come visit me at the RCSparks Studio Forums. I would be happy to see you there! www.RCSparks.com Look Me up on

[youtube A4Dj0PXHyvw]

100 Gates