WATCH IN 1080P ——— Information and Boss Guide in Description ——— Reward: No Name Keyblade Level 76, Proud Mode Keyblade: Void Gear Command Deck: Mine Square Zero Graviga Zero Graviga Fire Surge Fire Surge Curaga Curaga Curaga This is me fighting the second secret boss in KH:BBS. This one is International only and he is definitely the hardest boss in the game. If you want to level up quickly, go here: Here’s a boss guide: This guy is really, really, tough. Get ready to spend a lot of time looking at the Game Over screen. He has quite a few attacks: 1. A short melee combo (This is blockable) 2. An extended melee combo (Blockable as well) 3. He turns blue and does a short charge towards you. (Blockable) 4. He turns blue and charges across the room 3 to 4 times. (Blockable) 5. A Tornado attack that flings all your commands on the ground 6. An X-Blade attack (This is the most easily avoidable and slowest attack) 7. A ‘Pendulum’ attack. This is where he jumps up in the air and throws his weapon at you, then pulls you in and follows up with one of the attacks listed above. There is a chance that he will use the X-Blade and you’ll be able to survive, but most of the time if you get hit by this attack you will die. 8. He summons a bunch of orbs and they shoot missiles at you 5 times. This is the hardest attack to dodge, and when this happens you should be mashing square as fast as you can. If you attack him while this is happening, he will go back to

[youtube 336ElKAWpHI]