www.longplays.org Played by Tsunao More like «SNES Speedrun [xxx]». 100% playthrough(?) in 1:08. (the one that is done isn’t 100%. I’m sad. =() This is sorta tool assisted to get rid of errors. I also use a few tricks, glitches, and sequence breaking to get items early. In my opinion, Metroid isn’t Metroid without sequence breaking. To name a few: Machball: I refuse to use «mockball». In short, faster traveling with the Morph Ball. This is used for early Super Missiles. Shinespark through Missile Lake; Gravity Suit room Shinepsark: getting the Missile as well as skipping a lot of things in the Wrecked Ship area in Crateria. Also used to skip the spike area of the Wrecked Ship towards Gravity Suit. Glitch through platform: Lower Norfair. Damage boost: take damage, get boosted quite a distance. Spore Spawn skip: you don’t have to defeat Spore Spawn. :3 Don’t expect to see Spore Spawn. Sequence break in action: Early Super Missile, early Spazer Beam, early Kraid (need Hi-Jump Boots), early Wave Beam (need Grappling Beam), early Crocomire (need Power Bombs. I take the back route. :3), early Power Bombs (after Crocomire). I get Ice Beam late because it really isn’t needed (well, it is needed for the shaft climb, but that is what Super Missiles are for.) Needz improving: Phantoon (ran out of Super Missiles for the door. -_-), damage boosting, Bomb Torizo fight, Ridley fight, Zoomer shaft climb.

[youtube 70sFZRhlD08]

Solution 100 Doors