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Call of Duty to be a «game changer» for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Vita’s operating system to compete with Apple’s iOS, Gears of War 3 delivers epic DLC offering, and more. Nick’s Gaming View Episode #64 is fully loaded with this week’s latest gaming news during the midst of PlayStation Vita’s launch. Since the announcement of the Vita just over a year ago, gamers around the would have been eagerly anticipating the period that is finally among us as early adopters have already gained possession of the powerful gaming handheld while many still wait for the official launch approaching on February 22nd. As if the excitement for the Vita’s launch was not enough, Sony announced their plans for handling cross-play PS3/Vita titles along with downloadable content that will leave gamers with a little more cash than what they may have expected. I provide all of the information and details during this week’s episode of Nick’s Gaming View. While it’s tough to break news when discussing anything outside of PlayStation Vita this week, Epic Games has accomplished the task by announcing their fourth installment in their DLC plans for Gears of War 3. A great selection of new maps, the return of a highly requested mode featured earlier in the franchise, and more! What else could you want? Episode #64 of Nick’s Gaming View is a must-watch for any fan of videogames, so be sure to hit play and enjoy the show! This is Nick’s Gaming View! www.thegameraccess.com E-mail:admin

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new game IOS

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  1. trippysk8er:

    true but i dont care for fantasy RPG’s either, but that’s just me

  2. trippysk8er:

    Vita already beat apple. Does your Ipod have a touchpad on the back?

  3. jrandt08:

    I have AT&T and i can hardly load a text web page on their «4g» data network, i cant forsee running COD or any other full game on their 3g net…wtf is playstation putting 3g on their brand new device when LTE is up and runnin….wack ass Playstation..dont forget to get your 16gb memory sticks for $60!!…Xbox and 3DS all the way..Amazon has 16gb sd and micro sd cards for $7

  4. jrandt08:

    That mic hangin from ya neck is big as shit. Puttin work on that collar..

  5. OGxDocTa:

    Now if they make PS Vita CoD an exact port in which I can play against cross platforms, and continue my PSN loadout on both my VIta or PS3, then that’s a game changer.

  6. agnody1:

    I dont think so because to me they are on 2 completely different levels

  7. georgpaul49:

    wow, like it ^!° have fun++++++++thumbs up