Gears Of War 3 Cog Tags and Collectables Walkthrough Part 6

GEARS OF WAR 3 COG TAG AND COLLECTABLES TUTORIAL PART 1 — PART 2 — PART 3 — PART 4 — PART 5 — PART 6 — PART 7 — PART 8 — PART 9 — PART 10 — PART 11 — This series of videos is designed to help you get that 100% completetion on campaign. I will show you the exact locations to find EVERY THING that you could possibly need. These videos will be quick and precise, but I will make in depth when need be! Collector — 5G Recover 5 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade). Pack Rat — 10G Recover 20 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade). Hoarder — 15G Recover all 42 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade). Remember the Fallen — 15G Recover all 15 COG Tags during the Campaign (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade). Act 2, Chapter 3 — Forced Entry COG Tag 7 — YOU HAVE TO REMAIN HIDDEN AND STEALTH. After the 3 guards come in from the right, go in that entrance. On the right hand side at the bottom, there are some baskets. Knock them over to grab the COG tag. Act 2, Chapter 4 — Trench Run Locust Hammer — After the Gas barge attacks you, run through the tunnels. Go straight, then first right to the end, then make a left. Stay right. After they say they are gone, before you go up the ramp/hill, hang a right and its laying on the ground! Act 2, Chapter

[youtube nYj5bmd6kXo]

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комментария 23

  1. fernandoh424:

    Metal Diploma?

  2. BostonSecret45:

    use the sniper its much easier

  3. TheMetalhead38:

    i turned on my other controller and shot them both at the same time

  4. TheRocofreak:

    u lagg in the vid ….

  5. Vocs72:

    i can get threw the first one but not the second set 🙁

  6. zwszedrftgyh:

    when i did it i found out that i should get someone to help me but after awhile i figured it out and i killed them both on the 3rd horn and i was getting anoyed the fact that a couldn’t do it but i did

  7. benthetoastman:

    my advice if you wanna solo it then take one out with the one shot then the other with the long shot

  8. ExtraCrispyBabyy:

    i could not find the 1st cog tag in the video it was impossible lol

  9. myafed2900:

    dude you can kill the first guard with the lancer and use the snub pistol for the rest just blow the explosive containers next to each guards they’ll die instantly and never get to the horn

  10. medilegaldi:

    Should be more clear about which act & chapter.

  11. ominesbllodline:

    I just used the One Shot be sure to perfect active relod it and youll get both guards easy

  12. xKiloLimaGulfx:

    I had the same problem, so I just used the Snub Pistol. They die in one shot no matter what gun you shoot ’em with. So when it comes to the last 2 guys, take the one guy out with one shot and then empty the rest of the clip into the next guy.

  13. natashaasweets:

    you guys make it so complicated. just take the snub pistol and blow up the yellow containers on both sides to blow them up

  14. StayEazy666:

    you have to the semi-auto machine gun (icant remember what its called, im drunk) not the lancer or the retrolancer, any u can scope in with the toggle button and its much faster

  15. MrLESLO:

    use the oneshot (not longshot!) wait till your in view of both platforms, first snipe the on locust on left, then immediately active reload for the locust on the right 😉

  16. amaw88:

    Kill one on the right with the oneshot, than immediaty switch to your sniper rifle. spot the second and go for headshot. If you miss than the NPCs should finish him off or at least shoot the explosives that he runs by.

  17. Mario Cabañas:

    hahahaa the 3rd horn is easy! Just use the long shot with one and for the other, shoot the yellow cans qith the snub pistol

  18. sailorsamir:

    for the 3rd horn kill the firt guy with the long shot, then drop it and use the sniper rifle, fastest way and give you the most time to aim for the 2nd guy

  19. carlthecannibal:

    or u cuold use the one shot thats what i did and it worked first try

  20. TheXenWorld:

    I got a much easier way to get it then any of them. But you have to do it on arcade. Start the chapter on casual so the enemys die easier. Have Super reload, and the longshot. Make sure its active reloaded. Shoot the first one. Then shoot the other.

  21. ashfalthenecromancer:

    Hey, i found a way to get those last 2 guards on 1 try. equip the longshot and pick up a oneshot, kill the one on the left when the one of the right is the farthest away he gets and then drop the oneshot fast and quickly shoot the other guy, doesnt need a headshot to kill him, i got him in the back.

  22. thSubliminalCriminal:

    One try to get through without sounding alarms for the cog tag. ONE SHOT to the dome. Two KILLS ONE SHOT but that was on the bottom as the guards came out.


    That third horn is a bitch cuz u only catch a glimpse of the 2nd guy , but once u kill him its rewarding as fuck