DiRT 3 — Battersea Compound Power Station 100%

Check out the full trophy guide for the game here: www.ps3trophies.org List of the mission in the order they appear in the video: Do A Barrel Roll — Land a corkscrew jump. Corkscrew The Pipe — Drive upside-down inside the pipe in the Power Station. Hidden Packages — Find the hidden packages. Leap Of Faith — Jump across the gap at the top of the power station. Riverside Drifter — Drift up or down either of the slopes leading to the river. Top-Spine Dryer — Perform a triple spin at the top level of the Power Station. Spin Dry Jetty — Do a triple spin under the cranes on the jetty. Steel Spinner — Do a triple spin amongst the submerged steel girders. Trailer Trash — Jump through the trailer into the Parking Lot. Scaffold To The Parking Lot Leap — Jump up the scaffold side ramp into the Parking Lot. Rolling Stock Leap — Jump onto the trains from the river side. Train Carriages — Drift between any of the train carriages. Railway Hopper — Jump onto the trains via the ramp furthest from the river. Locomotive Leap — Land a jump through the train between the corkscrew jumps. Make The Gap — Jump the gaps between the scaffolding inside the Power Station. Table Topper — Clear the scaffold table top jump in the Power Station. Onto/Off Jetty — Drift onto of off the jetty. Crossmembers — Drift under the large cross-frame girders. Buried Large Pipes — Drift through the buried large pipes. Boat Stands — Drift under the brick boat stand. Truck Trailers — Drift under the truck trailers near

[youtube 2Ae6tnu-yS0]

Solution 100 Doors

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. NastyTranquillin:

    this guy drives like a pro. give him props so he feels better

  2. jimmehsback:

    He prolly doesnt care bout his driving, he just wants to complete the missions

  3. autophenom:

    what do u get for completing all the missions

  4. StarWarsLps:

    You are the worest driver I have ever seen

  5. kevin57ifym:

    Ur a bad driver bro

  6. TheHenrikAT:

    like if you were brought here from the sources on the bottom of the wikipedia page on Battersea factory!!! (probably not to many)

  7. CMob09:

    It would be great if you could drive into London, see the sights !

  8. Jakub Marcinko:

    thanks man 😀

  9. UncleBacon86:

    you’re hilarious. do you blow your dad with that mouth?

  10. Alex Krokova:

    bahaha yea I had the same feeling, Was glad to help a fellow trophy hunter 🙂

  11. UncleBacon86:

    you’re not a great driver, no. but you’re making videos to help people, and i thank you for that. you’re a good drifter tho. honestly, i don’t see the big deal in calling you a bad driver. at least you’re making videos helping people, while they (like me lol) sit on our ass and search for videos and CHEAT! cus we’re too lazy!!!

  12. UncleBacon86:

    Ha I just got BOAT STAND you need to come from the other side than the vid with speed over 120kmh or 70mph but dont come from the Parking Lot to the drift
    come from the POWER STATION
    LPWWE06 4 months ago

  13. UncleBacon86:

    THANK YOU! i got it in one try… i could kiss you right now lol. male or female i don’t care. thank you so fucking much. i was about to drift this game out the window, into a snow drift

  14. UncleBacon86:

    and yet you’re getting help from his videos. good job!

  15. ytfc2k8:

    Man, boat stands dosent unlock, i have done it about 100 times..

  16. TheLouisCL:


  17. Metallicfusion92:

    All you people calling him a sh itty driver..then why are you watching his video?
    Second of all he turned off the assists,you don’t see those red circles around the donuts or spinning which makes it harder to do,i bet you all just talk shit when you already know you can’t do shit on your own

  18. Mr3mis:

    thanks. try to use the manual transmission, it’s better to do some tricks XD

  19. Ray Eccleston:

    u have a ps3!!! I do too!!!! What is ur gamer tag?

  20. perfectionismforall:

    you drive like shit xD

  21. willypee100:

    Not the best driver but you got them all so thumbs up. PS3 for the win

  22. 111misza111:

    Dirt 3 is fucking awesome game!!! I love it very much <3 and this engines sounds (+reverb...) Omg...pure orgasm for ears 😀

  23. Alex Krokova:

    Ha I just got BOAT STAND you need to come from the other side than the vid with speed over 120kmh or 70mph but dont come from the Parking Lot to the drift
    come from the POWER STATION

  24. abrio619:

    I like!!! Is very well done video!!! And also helped me to make one that did not know it was.thanks!!