Check out the full trophy guide for the game here: List of the mission in the order they appear in the video: Do A Barrel Roll — Land a corkscrew jump. Corkscrew The Pipe — Drive upside-down inside the pipe in the Power Station. Hidden Packages — Find the hidden packages. Leap Of Faith — Jump across the gap at the top of the power station. Riverside Drifter — Drift up or down either of the slopes leading to the river. Top-Spine Dryer — Perform a triple spin at the top level of the Power Station. Spin Dry Jetty — Do a triple spin under the cranes on the jetty. Steel Spinner — Do a triple spin amongst the submerged steel girders. Trailer Trash — Jump through the trailer into the Parking Lot. Scaffold To The Parking Lot Leap — Jump up the scaffold side ramp into the Parking Lot. Rolling Stock Leap — Jump onto the trains from the river side. Train Carriages — Drift between any of the train carriages. Railway Hopper — Jump onto the trains via the ramp furthest from the river. Locomotive Leap — Land a jump through the train between the corkscrew jumps. Make The Gap — Jump the gaps between the scaffolding inside the Power Station. Table Topper — Clear the scaffold table top jump in the Power Station. Onto/Off Jetty — Drift onto of off the jetty. Crossmembers — Drift under the large cross-frame girders. Buried Large Pipes — Drift through the buried large pipes. Boat Stands — Drift under the brick boat stand. Truck Trailers — Drift under the truck trailers near

[youtube 2Ae6tnu-yS0]

Solution 100 Doors

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