MQ nonSC Guide 1-23 ~Credits go to LIL G(MQelites) and Nikko(iMechquest) Phase 1: Starship Hey and Welcome to MQ non SC Guide! First Step is to use the Battle Button to earn Exp and Credits. Exp is to level up and credits is used to purchase things. Go to Tek’s Shop and purchase these weapons: -Smoky FlameThrower lvl1 190c -Double AutoGun lvl1 1000c -N-00B Missle (4x) lvl1 1000c Before you land the StarShip make sure you are a level 3 with 2500c. Talk to Sys-Zero and LAND. Phase 2: Soluna Once you land in Soluna, purchase Katana v1.0 in Tek’s Mechs Shop. After, talk to Admina and head over to Gears University. Finish the Exam and do Jobs and Classes in this order: Energy Blades 101: Use the default Energy Blades until you get to use the Axe. Head over to the East Side of Soluna until you see Light’s Sabers Shop. Go to the Blue Belt pannel and purchase Energy Razor. Use that until you get Black Belt and purchase Brute Blade from Light’s. Mecharoni Pizzeria: Use uniforms. Soluna Museum: Always use Desert for the first full Skeleton. Then use Ocean for the next full skeleton. Soluna Police Dept: Always Equip Energy Blade and uniform. Mecha Combat 101: Only use House Mecha Mecha equipted with Used Electron Sniper, Lava Blaster, Sling Missle 1x and Plasma Pulser Mysterious Emporium: Use uniforms. Specific Hospital: Use uniforms. Phase 3: Dean Warlic and the Moon Once your done with the Classes and Jobs (Except Knife and Spork) go to Dean Warlic and do ALL the available

[youtube DqzLklbQ0bM]

WalkThrough 100 Cells