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Edit: Wow, how’d thos get so many views? Wow. Well, I guess I’m the only person on Youtube to have a 100% walkthrough of the game (especially in HD). Recorded using the Desmume emulator. Sorry for the sound being a bit low. Ah yes. I bet you didn’t expect me to play a game like this? Yes, the main character is Princess Peach. So what? Iit’s still a NIntendo platformer and is still a Mario game. It’s actually fun. Okay, so anyway, this time Mario and Luigi are kidnapped after Bowser has some of minions capture them and lock them in jail cells. It’s up to Princess Peach to save them along with her new umbrella.

[youtube i58s0xzmsRU]

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  1. Chittree Bumrungsapskul:


  2. Chittree Bumrungsapskul:

    You a

  3. MrPhantaze:

    Amy rose to the rescue. NAH!

  4. packaderm135:

    i was actually reffering to something else but ok

  5. SolidSnake9630:

    He helped Mario, Peach, Mallow, and Geno in Super Mario RPG.

  6. packaderm135:

    at least in this game bowser does something right

  7. Amir Fauzi:


  8. Inna Sorsona:

    i’ve only played some mario games but how do goomba hold the scepter

  9. marine75364007:

    @triforceswag8 THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Screw it LEGEND OF LINK

  10. Blaze1289:

    And chocolates. Lots of chocolates.

  11. bubblesamc101:

    I had that game, but then I lost it, then my cousin gave my hers, then my friend borrowed it, and then she lost it:( Now I want it more than ANY other game:(

  12. Dylan Fairbairn:

    @triforceswag8 it would be about time!

  13. Dylan Fairbairn:

    @teiforceswag8 wel it wo

  14. luigiplumber22:

    2:59 kinda reminds me of SM3DL

  15. SprMarioGmr64:

    Somebody is going to owe Peach a kiss and cake in the end of the game.

  16. StevenShields29:

    Peach: :First, You invade my kingdom.Then, kidnapped me in a sneak attack.Now, you captured MY hero,his brother, and one of my loyal citizens.That’s it, you fucking lizard bastard cabrón! I’m coming for you, motherfucker!

  17. supermariokeyla:

    Poor toad,Luigi, and Mario 🙁 2:35

  18. mamerto sandigo:

    how could goomba waved the scepter if he doesnt have hands

  19. capricotus:

    nintendo, i DEMAND a super princess peach sequel for the wii u. if any game needs rehashing, it’s this one. 🙂