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Last June we revealed our very own Project 1 (v1.2). It was wearing an array of parts that suited the 135i well. We received many compliments on what we had done, however we were not finished. Our attention first went to the rear of the car. Bastuck had released a prototype US-spec quad exhaust system for the 135i. We still call it prototype as we feel the fitment is a little off for the US Spec cars with the charcoal canister. We did a little customization on our end to make the fit flawless and look like it was built in Bavaria. We are working with Bastuck to remedy the situation. The quad system just like the dual is a full cat-back system (aft of secondary cats) and utilizes Bastucks own non resonated y-pipe. We opted for the non-resonated version for 2 reasons; less restriction and so we could hear the engine sing. This exhaust really lets the turbo engine sound come through. Slightly more rumble, a bit louder, and a little more «open sound» made for music to our ears. This time around, we wrapped the 4 huge double walled 85mm Bastuck tips with 3D Design’s Carbon Fiber Diffuser. This is a 100% carbon fiber diffuser beautifully crafted in Japan. The 3D Design diffuser integrated seamlessly into the existing lines of the 1er while accentuating the aggressiveness of the car with its center mesh opening and slightly flared openings for the quad exhaust tips. Installation was simple, utilizing all the stock clips and attachment points as well as stock screws on the bottom

[youtube E2POmxKI9as]

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  1. iiJaBeRz:

    haha ye bullshit m8 ;)

  2. Ross Bonilla:


  3. 08turboSS:

    How did you manage to get your rings to look like the LEDs of the newer 2011 3355 series7series… All the bulbs for 50-350 dollars are crap and not daylight bright in direct sunlight…. Plus HID bulbs are too much for the housings and leave the headlight covers unsealed, causing shorts and all kinds of other issues… What did you do.? Thx…

  4. drdouche1:

    brand new you’re looking at around $2800-3000 for 18″, just the rims

  5. Commandskate:

    any one know how much for a full set of those Advans RS rims?

  6. ZafiraVXR1:

    I’m getting this car in a few weeks, I am so happy. I had it customized from the dealer. It’s got so many optionals.. BTW I’m in England. BMW 135I as my first car. Yeyy :-)))))

  7. MachtsNichts:

    Lots of video and audio production, not much car about the car. 🙁

  8. CJAEY:

    Ive seen this 135 featured on so many sites, lovely car

  9. xKevin11x:

    suprisingly the music goes very well with the video. beautiful car man!

  10. Frank Lucas:

    cant wait till i get mine ommgggg <3333

  11. Frank Lucas:

    cant wait till i get mine ommgggg <3333

  12. Blazed15:

    i could take that too