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Plush — the new single, taken from the Mix LP ‘Tiga Non Stop’ OUT NOW. Download from iTunes, including remixes from Jacques Lu Cont and Ame. Video directed by AlexandLiane PLUSH — iTunes UK & Europe: bit.ly Canada: bit.ly Australia:bit.ly Out December 18th in USA & Asia. TIGA NON-STOP UK/EU — bit.ly US — bit.ly Canada — bit.ly Australia — bit.ly New Zealand — bit.ly Japan — bit.ly VIDEO CREDITS Directed by AlexandLiane Produced by Jon Adams Styled by David Bartlett Dop — Simon Chaudoir Hair and Makeup- Christian Fritzenwanker Comissioner — John Moule Colourist — Pana at Uncle , Berlin Flame artist — Leon Woods 3D artist — Chris Smallfield Featuring: Kumru Kodamanoglu, Karolina Zastarskyte, Loren Kemp, Karima Adebibe Tiga — DJ, singer, producer, radio maverick, man of eight talents — unleashes his brand new single ‘Plush’ December 17th via Different Recordings / PIAS. Taken from his non-stoppable new mix CD Tiga Non Stop, the single was co-produced by Matthew Dear, starting as a freeform jam session and ending as something that works equally well as an underground club anthem and literally everybody’s track of the year. It also features what Tiga is privately calling his greatest vocal performance to date. «‘Plush’ was inspired by 80s dance TV shows like Pelvic Gold and The Bandana Patrol, as well as my undying love and respect for the city of Detroit,» says the Montreal musician from his home in Montreal. «It’s the first of what I know will be many collaborations with

[youtube KM4yywG3HmA]

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  1. n3wmod3l:

    <3 it

  2. Василий Ганин:

    Very very nice!

  3. futanflqb:

    That girl on the left must have had a very painful back for like 3 days after this

  4. mrblf652:

    Stupid video.

  5. NaithTheSexy:


  6. scorn22635:

    give it

  7. SzyderczyHalasVlog:

    This music video concept is awesome.

  8. draban:

    i think matthew dear had more influence on the production than tiga.

  9. renzo590:


  10. Elio Ks:

    needs moar cowbell

  11. sakallikedi:

    People hire directors for this? I would only pay the girl on the far left.
    Love the song too, with Tiga it’s always worth the wait for new material.

  12. TheBohemianClub1:

    toga dressed as a woman again with lyrics written on the back of a fag packet…

  13. AltitudeFilmProd:

    this clip reminds me of Bruce Nauman
    nothing happens, still very dynamic