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Quite a few folks have asked for a tutorial on this, and since bookshelves are so important now with the new enchanting rooms…here’s my tutorial on how to make my 100% efficient, 100% fully automatic sugar cane farm!

[youtube mT20NKsi-7Y]

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  1. Andrew Rochio:

    The dirt? Now, you can use sand, which grows sugarcane faster now. If you use sand, the more sugarcane, the more paper, the more books, the more bookshelves, better enchantments 🙂

  2. iTzOddbaLLKING:

    lol anyone see that myspace ad HILARIOUS

  3. Codecracker1337:

    1 Year Ago Today (Nov 11, 2012/11 xD

  4. TheJowanCrewXD:

    Watching old videos is AWESOME

  5. Ken Harkey:

    Its amazing what kind of technical machinery one can build with….blocks. Minecraft really is versatile, nice video.

  6. jonas joos:

    whats the name of that siwtch block?

  7. kyubeen1:

    does this still work in 1.3.2 ~ 1.4+ ???

  8. oPvIkiNg:


  9. GundisFTW:

    I guess you live in the stone age. Whats ironic, because sugar canes didn’t grow faster on sand back then either.

  10. thomasjamesbarr:

    Sugar cane grows faster on sand

  11. TheBaldBlackSmith:

    What are the dimensions of this incase i want to build it into a mountain home

  12. GundisFTW:

    Not 100% Effective, since the sugar cane, which activates the Bud could be growing faster than the others, not giving you a full harvest.

  13. DirtDude117:

    Using bookcases to crush the sugarcane is much better because the sugarcane knows what’s gonna happen to it and it prays that it isn’t used the same way to hurt it’s people.

  14. Jacobpm2001:

    how did u put the redstone on the glowstone

  15. littlebaddude0890:

    no worryes


    yeah that was mybad. i saw the 2 stack of pistons on the sides and forgot you need to leave the bottom sugar cane to grown the rest back

  17. littlebaddude0890:

    suger cane can only grow 3 blocks high, unless you place suger cane on top of each other

  18. thaerJO:

    tow words
    wiring geek


    can you put the pistons higher so that the surgar cane can grow more?

  20. zachary marcil:

    i cant put a repeater on glowstone

  21. ryan slovick:

    use sand. sugarcane grows faster on sand 🙂

  22. failerkin:

    What is up guys!
    Check out my channel for similar videos.
    It would us so much!

  23. xXsolar99Xx:

    I have the newer version, it occasionally gets stuck, but I suppose it varies. Oh well.

  24. pr4c1ce:

    how would i make a bud switch that stays powered when a blocks there, but drops when the block is removed?

  25. Generikb:

    sure it is, I have it in my LP world and it works great. Also check the annotations for an updated version with working BUD switch