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[note: i will check to see if you have liked, subscribed and commented, im not stupid… ] THANKS FOR 400 SUBS!!! Because of that im giving away a free 2D intros! all ya gotta do is 1. Like 2. Comment 3. Subscribe! Results on 7th september! Thanks ChasoArts! **EXTRA TAGS IGNORE** Graffiti Art Graffiti Bombing Spray Paint Montana Gold MTN 94 Ironlak Molotow Belton Premium Molotow ONE4All’s BlackBook Sketches Abstract Graffiti Wildstyle Graffiti LoveLetters Ewok Pose Rime Revok1 Setik Graffiti Throwups cenzgfx Graffiti Art Amazing Graphics Tutorial Epic GFX PACK Free Download Optic Gaming FaZe Clan kruzedesigns stratzeh trooperFX contest entry acrezHD photoshop blender zbrush graphic design motion graphics cinema 4d intro template free «Cinema 4D» «Adobe Photoshop» «Motion Graphics» Animation Demo Reel Tutorial Cartoon Contest Media Digital Introduction «Free Software» Entry Animated New Director Flash Editing Hungary Network Creative Character Magyar Editor 3ds Budapest Hungarian Cartoons Cs3 Cs4 Modeling Corporate «Contest Entry» Text «Adobe Flash» Win Winner Competition «stop motion» funny music «Intro (band)» «Intro bruno speed art designs xbox 360 skyrim mars let it rain (Danny Fernandes Album)» «Intro (Pulp Album)» Contest Introduction New Entry Opening «New Intro» Brand «stop motion» «Contest Entry» Win Winner funny Animation Lego music «Musical Ensemble» «Stop Motion» Competition Results Clay Closed Prize Winners Giveaway «Intro (Danny Fernandes Album)» Drawing

[youtube cBQYfNn090A]

100 Rooms

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  1. ANProHD:


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  3. Dryyskull:

    So cool! 😀 I liked, subbed and commented! I really need a new intro for my channel. I just started and Im growing rapidly :3

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  8. LinxYGFX:

    yo brah

  9. JaniL4Live:

    Cool a Intro from the Master

  10. DreazDzn:

    My skype: DreazGFX

  11. DreazDzn:

    Can you add me on skype I have a important question.
    Thk’s for this giveaway 🙂

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  13. MrConorLanigan:

    Would like to win:) Goodluck everyone:)

  14. MW3CODSource:

    I’d like to win please 🙂 Trying to do something in my life 🙂

    Thanks buddy

  15. MatijaDesigns:

    You’re good man! S!CK

  16. SALOHCIN854675:

    Could we pay you to make a intro for us ? And if yes how much would it cost please respond thank you 🙂

  17. Weepoorjimmy:

    Your work is awesome and an intro would be sick! 🙂

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  19. FamousAMD:

    Someone said Fantabulous and i thought me Eating cake was Fantastic but you being called FanTABULOUS just busted my bubble

  20. tediting:

    fantabulous ! hope i win !

  21. KidCuztomz:

    Hey Ur Beast

  22. KidCuztomz:

    Hey Ur Beast