WalkThrough 100 Floors новое

TOMMOROW — PIT OF THE 100 TRIALS. We get an up arrow. And you thought «The letter P» was strange.

[youtube Fqw9hiiq31o]

WalkThrough 100 floors

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  1. Freakazoid529:

    Funny how he upgraded the partner he never uses. On camera anyway.

  2. gh0stassassin6:

    letter p is still stranger than an up arrow.

  3. PizzaGames1990:

    To tell Doopliss his name. At first, you will realize the lowercase P is gone. This is natural. You can still type in Doopliss, but only like this: DooPliss, which will be counted wrong. Don’t worry, you will find out as you progress through the game.

  4. luizth42:

    Who doesn’t like vivian?i am not one of these people

  5. aznwolf909:

    why not give him a free upgrade

  6. smashyoshi1:

    playboy boo?
    (at the end)

  7. SuperDementio:

    So is rally wink that useful right now not in the last bosses

  8. Marioh10Webkinz:

    PM2 ( Paper Mario: TTYD [The Thousand-Year Door] ) IS AWESOME

  9. cuconuchiha:

    what the heck did she do?

  10. metaknight56:

    how do you think mario lost the ultra stone from pm1 to pm2?

  11. yoandref5:

    wat was the p for

  12. grashbar:

    Yep. You don’t get it from a side quest. But from Raphael the Raven himself.

  13. grashbar:

    You found the Up Arrow!

    *Epic music in the background*

  14. shadowspartan108:

    peekaboo is kinda like tattle but it will not update ur tattle journal unfortunately

  15. shadowspartan108:

    yah its great cause it helped me upgrade all my parters twice from the first game it helped on bowser

  16. toshio1334:

    i hated how the amazy daisies in that place would never run away from me its like the game rly hated me