Hey, guys. Back when I lived in Washington and when I was in high school I volunteered my time to this place — the Cowlitz County Humane Society in Longview, WA. I spent time with both the cats and dogs at the shelter. Some of which I grew very close to. I wanted to make this video because 1.) I love animals and 2.) I wanted to show you all how it is in animal shelters. Not all of the animals are in great physical condition. A few cats in this video are sick, and I honestly have no idea if they all made it out alive. Unfortunately that’s the sad truth. This specific shelter is a non-profit shelter that is able to continue doing what they do by means of donations of food, money, and other essential animal items. That being said, any money I make on this video will be donated to this shelter. I’ll also include a link to their website if you’d like to donate directly to them via PayPal: www.cowlitzhumane.com Also, some of you may be wondering why no dogs were shown in the video. The shelter does have dogs, young and old, to be adopted. However, they are all in their own kennels unless they’re being taken out for a walk or to play and unfortunately I couldn’t manage to get good footage of them by myself since I have to work the camera and keep an eye on the dogs (who are extremely excitable about human contact and play time). I’m very sorry about that, but you can check out some of the pups at the shelter on their website 🙂 It’d mean a lot to me if you could share this video

[youtube aX0UE_Lm_BY]

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