Правильно WalkThrough 100 Floors

Star Points galore. And I start spamming the Art Attack.

[youtube YohoW_YS_Ng]

WalkThrough 100 floors

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  1. jupiter9099:

    I died at 92 🙁


    Actually, Chet Rippo is at Dairy Queen, so talk to him later for the Starpoint situation.

  3. gh0stassassin6:

    wat does the pity flower badge do?

  4. 1800Hernandez:

    After I beat the pit I wanted to see how far I would make down without using ultra shrooms and I made down to level 92 and I couldve won if I had used an ultra shroom but I had 99 star pointsand I didn’t want to use it

  5. robloxlol123:

    @rosewyvern kk thx

  6. robloxlol123:

    Whats better? Lucky day or pretty lucky?

  7. HighfunGirl:

    It’s fantastic to see the Star Points again!

  8. etchman09:

    dude i have to disagree. There are only a few areas in the game where you need ice power and most enemies dont have spikes. So i would say multibounce/ quakehammer/ for regular enemies and powerbounce/powersmash for bosses

  9. etchman09:

    im pretty sure he did that because the amaza dayzee runs away the first turn like 95% of the time. If it doesnt run it deals 20 damage

  10. etchman09:

    wow. . . i thought the yellow wezzurds were the worst kind

  11. vertdamour:

    but you don’t care about spelling… apparently

  12. SuperDementio:

    Apparently I am the only one who cares about youtoob limit

  13. DeliciousVicious777:

    Now that’s a good strategy, run away to raise your Star Power, that’s a great idea, and it’s given me a glimmer of hope of completing the Trials.

  14. eliteWarriorSpb:

    power smash is good

  15. inileater:

    now i want to play this game again