Which vacuum is the best for carpet one bed room apartment?

Вопрос sejzilla: Which vacuum is the best for carpet one bed room apartment?Im looking to buy a new vacuum for my apartment because my old one broke…and i was wondering if anybody had good experience with certain item recently….im looking to spend about $ 100~$ 150

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Answer by qwertytash
I dont know if they have them in america but try a Henry, they are small so it should be good for an apartment and they are also good.

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  1. Urbanian:

    check Consumer Reports

  2. Anthony:

    Look on consumerreports.orgThey have the ratings on all different things about vaccumes.

  3. TJ:

    This vacuum was rated the best on the consumer reports website thingy. (You have to be a member)
    It is a Kenmore progressive Upright vacuum cleaner.
    It was rated higher than the Dyson models, and im totally not joking. I have this vacuum and it makes my carpet stand out every time i use it. Check it out at http://www.kenmore.com
    (Look for a blue vacuum with a circle thing next to it that says RATED NUMBER 1 by a leading CONSUMER REPORTS)
    Good luck finding one!
    This one is really good, though.
    Oh, by the way, it is $ 350.00, if youre willing to spend that.

  4. frankie77:

    I love my Dyson! I wouldn’t pay that much to clean a small apartment.
    I have had good luck with Dirt Devil. You should be able to find one in your price range.

  5. jyojos:

    Hoover, pet vac with 12 amp power is good .We have been using it for an year and it is really good and within your budget too!You could get it in, Home depot or the like wise mall


    I went to target and got the Shark.

  7. Dave:

    a dyson are the best brand , and you can easily get one for $ 150

  8. Jenny C:

    Hi, My friend bought a Eureka boss smart vac ultra 4870 and loves it. She bought it because it rated very high by a consumer magazine for both hard floors and carpets. It is priced around 150.00 dollars. It beat out higher priced vacuums. Hope this helps.