Not my best run (my top score is 14 million which I show at the end of the challenge) but I figured it’d give people insight into how to get a high score. The scores of ~500M are faked, but it appears to be possible to do better see The basic guide for this challenge goes something like this: -Time is your #1 concern. During stage 5 and stage 6 it doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of beating an armored henchman down, leave that and go smack down the big henchman or titan. When the big henchmen are out you could just smack around the smaller henchmen (there are ALWAYS 4 small henchmen around) and build up combo points but the better option is to hit the big guys. -Don’t leave «adrenaline rush» mode except to break the shield, stun rod and possibly the gun the first time you hit stage 4. -Avoid using special takedowns if you can; they eat up a ton of time and aren’t really necessary. Plus they take you out of adrenaline rush. See the above point. -DO NOT break any weapons other than the stun rod, door shield and gun. You can actually avoid having to break the gun if you hit the henchman that grabs it from the weapon rack before he moves away from the rack. If you do that, the gun will disappear and no other henchmen will pick it up. If you let him move from the rack, he will drop the gun on the ground and other henchmen will keep picking it up, forcing you to go break the weapon. This wastes time and puts you out of adrenaline rush. Leaving weapons does

[youtube izAYPBrdUww]

Solution 100 Doors

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