Hello Everyone! So this week we are going to do a piston T Flip-Flop! This is one of the smallest T Flip-Flops out there. And before anyone comes and says «I have a smaller design then this», if it is the 1x4x3 design, it is NOT smaller. This design is 2x3x2=12 and 1x4x3=12 as well. That means they are the same size! Okey? Now that we have cleared that =P I am not 100% saticfied with this design. That is because it is exploiting the fact that sticky pistons can’t hold on to block that is connected to it if it only get a 1 tick pulse. But since we feed the stickypiston with a 1 tick pulse it will push the block forward and leave it there. And the next time it will extend and pull the block back. I am not sure if this will be fixed or not in the future. Atm it is acually a fix for a duplication bug. Texturepack: Standard World-save: Available on my channel! Donate to get better videos and contests! www.paypal.com

[youtube lYD4o6QUQWA]