Правильно Super Mario Galaxy

Music from the game «Super Mario Galaxy»

[youtube -z2kxFCQ_mQ]

Super Mario Galaxy

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комментариев 11

  1. demonnogo:

    I just finished AC3 and I have to say, you should add that to the list. The soundtrack in that is fantastic.

  2. demonnogo:

    This is unbelievable. It simply makes me feel honored to be able to listen to such grace like this.

  3. EpicureMammon:

    This song is better than the game. I don’t hate the game or anything, but this tune makes me want to play it some more, and then I’m like, «Oh… yeah…»

  4. VirtualSymphonies:

    oh yea…touching

  5. amazinblasian117:

    Wrong! Pixar is the Nintendo of movies.

  6. BlooMinecraft:

    Oboe is epic in this one. 🙂

  7. virusco:

    Brings me to tears no matter how many times I listen to it.

  8. Jacob Robey:

    And people say the Wii sucks…Pfft….

  9. ChernovFan100:

    That’s not true. Next January it will be three years since I started playing Call of Duty competitively online and over the course of those two years and eleven months I’ve had an amazing deal of fun and enjoyment, but of course that aforementioned fun and enjoyment comes with a great amount of frustration as well. The Call of Duty games themselves are fantastic — it’s the community of people that play the games online that make them frustrating.

  10. ashwinsumra:

    Found my funeral song

  11. shablam balam:

    well, okay, but i think he’s talking about Mario Galaxy, DKC1-3, Rayman 1-3 & Origins, Assasin’s Creed 2, Kirby’s RtD & Epic Yarn, Beyond Good And Evil…… the list goes on…