Правильно Super Mario Galaxy

My arrangement of Gusty Garden, my favourite track from the game Super Mario Galaxy. I’m playing both parts here.. this is my first attempt at split screen, there are some minor syncing issues, but mostly ok I think! Oh, and the thing sticking out the back of my top is the cord for my earphones 🙂

[youtube bDoO_4Yy16U]

Super Mario Galaxy

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. tanguynator1:


  2. PepsiSpriteLight:

    very good :]

  3. XxShadowGiratinaxX:

    i guess i could make a vocal instrumental version? you might wanna subscribe to me then if u wanna see me sing it.


    Sing it! Singing is awesome!! 😀

  5. NorfairPrince:


  6. XxShadowGiratinaxX:

    no sheet music? i was really hoping to play this someday

  7. qdogbondo:

    As i said before if you are Sing Id totally go out with you! Beautiful music! Simply Amazing

  8. supermario863:

    Cheers to the best video game series in the world!!! MARIO!!!!

  9. MsGulliver9:

    와~ 넘 잘하신당 ^♥^

  10. Raichu234:

    wow! Love it 🙂

  11. ultimatemariopower:

    now i wanna play violin

  12. Mike Linardo:

    where did you get the fricken sheet music

  13. TheLuckyandHappyShow:

    but you still did good

  14. Javykero:

    Amazing n__n ..!!!

  15. Arman Amin:

    First one I heard from you!
    🙂 My favorite Mario tune.

  16. Antphoneigh:

    hot. sexy. musical. nostalgia. awesome!