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Here’s a walkthrough of me going through Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for Wii on Hyper Mode (aka Hard Mode). I am getting a 100% completion in pickups, logbook completion, and Credits/Friend Vouchers. I enter the Thorn Jungle part of Bryyo finding it infested with some new Pirates. Items acquired: Friend Voucher — 400 Kills (sometime during last part) Energy Tank x1 Scans acquired: Advanced Pirate Trooper (Creatures) *scan before destroying Homeworld Seed* Assault Pirate Trooper (Creatures) *scan before destroying Homeworld Seed* Berserker Knight (Creatures) *seen only two times* Main Item List: Missile Launcher [x] Grapple Lasso [x] PED Suit [x] Grapple Swing [x] Ice Missile [x] Ship Missile Launcher [x] Hyper Ball Boost Ball Plasma Beam Screw Attack Ship Grapple Beam Seeker Missile Launcher Hyper Missile X-Ray Visor Grapple Voltage Spider Ball Hazard Shield Nova Beam Hyper Grapple Expansions: Missile Expansions — 8/50 Energy Tanks — 5/14 Gunship Missile Expansions — 0/8 Energy Cells — 1/9

[youtube YgftHvs0DQM]

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. SirAbstract:

    Dat beat.

  2. acti0nstudios:

    woah! so little comments!

  3. zferg19:

    You annihilated that last pirate. He wanted none of you