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Playing around with the manual torpedo calculation in Silent Hunter 4. Nooby, I know. In case anyone wants to know the basics, this i how you do it: NOTE: This is only assuming you are playing with auto targeting. Some of the methods will not work on 100% realism. See for a guide on that. 1. Identify your target. Your targeting-computer needs to know the mast height for it to estimate range accurately. First, find your target with periscope-view and lock onto it by pressing «L». Bring up the recognition-manual with the «N» key. Flip through it until you find the correct ship (can be tricky). Then press the little red «ok» box to choose it. 2. Start the position keeper by pressing the white button on the left panel so that it lights up red. It will keep track of the ship and make sure your torpedoes go where they should. 3. Estimate range by clicking the range-tool on the TDC-dial to the right. A «ghost image» should appear. Drag this image until the waterline of it reaches the top of the mast of the bottom image. Relase, and press the red button to the upper left on the dial to send the data to the TDC. You should redo this to get a more accurate value once the target gets closer. 4. Estimate angle on bow (AOB). To do this, you need to open up the map. Zoom in so that you have both your sub and the ship you are targeting in view. Now click on the angle-calculator-thingy and measure the angle from the ships bow, to your sub like I did in the clip, starting

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Solution 100 Doors

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  1. 詳細くりっく 宝くじ当選 当選金お譲りします:


  2. Morpheus30003:

    Ok thx, I will try it ! 🙂

  3. threedotsdead:

    «Me thinks you must first go into the gameplay settings and set it to manual in order for those tabs to work.» According to a guy on the official forums in reply to someone with a similar problem 🙂 Hope it works.

  4. Morpheus30003:

    I don’t have all the buttons you use. At 0:41 the round instrument on the right side above has only the 3 Buttons. The Button for data saving and the one on the left side don’t exist in my Silent Hunter 4. How can this be? Do they come later, because I’m new in this game and didn’t sink a lot of warships. Is this normal or do I have a bad bug?

  5. 宝くじ当選しました お譲り致します:


  6. threedotsdead:

    They did have analog computers actually, and the Torpedo Data Computers the US Navy used were the most advanced in the world. 

  7. formeandyou83:

    Good description, but one thing irritates me in this game, I never heard that they had computers during world war 2. Are this real instruments they used to this time or is this only an imaginary invention especially for this game?

  8. DeathumusMaxumus:

    Nice walk through… the game is fairly easy in the stock version but with MODs added it becomes much more difficult and realistic….. The Real Fleet Boat Mod adds real sinking mechanics so the HP system is taken out so you actually have to punch holes in hulls and flood them to sink them… others like Trigger Maru Overhaul redo everything from campaign to GUI to enemy AI…… Once you use MODS its hard to go back to the vanilla game….. SUPPORT THE SH4 MODDING COMMUNITY! SH5 SUCKS ASS!!!!

  9. threedotsdead:

    Oh and about the patch-thing. There’s talk on the steam-forums about some regions getting the patch and others not. Try changing your region in the settings to Canada and verify game cache. If that doesn’t work try geting the disc-version instead? Sucks, I know.

  10. threedotsdead:

    Haven’t played it for years. Found out the hard way that knowing how to fire your torpedoes wasn’t enough to successfully attack a convoy. I really tried but it was just too hard for me. Kudos to people who can play this game properly.

  11. threedotsdead:

    You´re welcome 🙂

  12. kazhiryu187:

    Just did my first successful manual TDC attack thanks to your video!! Great video, all the others weren’t really 100% clear on what you have to do and why. they all seem to assume that you know more about the game and submarine tactics than a noob would know. thanks again, you are awesome!!

  13. iaink51:

    Nicely instructive vid. I’ve just bought SH3 and find that my attack periscope keeps zooming in to x6 every now and again and sticking there. I can’t locate a toggle or reference in the manual for this. Maybe it’s a bug? Any suggestions welcome

  14. marco mctutorials:

    yeah,the HUD seems easy to understand and the controls of the sub too ,but the torpedo attack its damn hard,i even dont fully understand the autoaim attack 🙂

  15. UncleDarmish:

    Usually I ignore tutorial videos without any commentary, but this really helped me out. Cheers, great video.

  16. clonesanddrones:

    Good video, subscribed. Do you still play this game? I just purchased this game today on steam, and it says I have version 1.3 (I cant, and steam wont, update it) and I absolutely cannot get online. My buddy also got it and has the same problem. Any help please? Game looks fun, but am having a hard time finding out how to fix this problem. Thanks.

  17. OMBIC:

    iv got a pain in the ass, i normaly watch a movie and play a game at the same time, this game frezzes up mid player and gom player………. eney tips?

  18. MrDMTVProductionz:

    Just got a levono h330 and it runs like a beautie

  19. xanox02:

    Thanks, i’ll go play sh now i think 🙂

  20. DjDrJ9:

    u don’t get radar until 1943 i think. unless you have a mod pack installed.  to enable auto aim go into settings screen and i can’t think of exact name but it’s the last one in the first row on the left. you uncheck it then click apply also you can only change game settings in port.

  21. threedotsdead:

    It’s supposed to be.

  22. 6041321as:

    Looks dificult!!

  23. 5470271:

    I never can do that. I mean u are faster than me… And I always estimate with the map, not the other equipment… But, I still never miss the shots, but need a lot of time to sink it XP

  24. gtfoutbitch:

    my tips for just firing the torpedo
    1.if its to high the ship your firing at will see it low it will miss
    my tip
    try to make the depth in the middle were its hiding but still up to hit it