Playing around with the manual torpedo calculation in Silent Hunter 4. Nooby, I know. In case anyone wants to know the basics, this i how you do it: NOTE: This is only assuming you are playing with auto targeting. Some of the methods will not work on 100% realism. See for a guide on that. 1. Identify your target. Your targeting-computer needs to know the mast height for it to estimate range accurately. First, find your target with periscope-view and lock onto it by pressing «L». Bring up the recognition-manual with the «N» key. Flip through it until you find the correct ship (can be tricky). Then press the little red «ok» box to choose it. 2. Start the position keeper by pressing the white button on the left panel so that it lights up red. It will keep track of the ship and make sure your torpedoes go where they should. 3. Estimate range by clicking the range-tool on the TDC-dial to the right. A «ghost image» should appear. Drag this image until the waterline of it reaches the top of the mast of the bottom image. Relase, and press the red button to the upper left on the dial to send the data to the TDC. You should redo this to get a more accurate value once the target gets closer. 4. Estimate angle on bow (AOB). To do this, you need to open up the map. Zoom in so that you have both your sub and the ship you are targeting in view. Now click on the angle-calculator-thingy and measure the angle from the ships bow, to your sub like I did in the clip, starting

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