Правильно Splinter Cell

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[youtube sO7-W0jWLcc]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 24

  1. BestGamersXXX:

    This is not much of a sneaky game if I compare it to other splinter cell

  2. darthjacobmaak:

    7:09 that teddy bear’s flying all over the goddang place!!!

  3. Fahim Shahriar:

    use the pistol man

  4. BR4VO101:

    5:08 is that a bag of trash or a guy? both

  5. BR4VO101:

    everybody please leave the fair ground in a order fassion imediatly *walks outside everybodys running all over the place*

  6. Sydney Ray:

    somewhere or some vagina and hasn’t succeeded

  7. BrosiveBrothers:

    sam fisher Always! gets in

  8. Androidify287:

    So much for an orderly fashion…

  9. Ficcator:

    Death Grip… trololo Sam can use the power :D

  10. peavlerfever:

    Haha or some vagina

  11. SIMVProductions:

    i prefer the santa clause

  12. scoobywoogie:

    well those guys

  13. MrHornyboy2000:

    CHEESE DOODLES!!!! yeah i went there….. >:D

  14. Rell164:

    Oh the gas leak i remember when my friend was digging for gold and hit the gas pipe and almost blew haft the neighborhood up i need to pick better friends

  15. jewusadoubleagent:

    should i give you the 200 thumbs up or no?

  16. maddog5236:

    The area around the Monument was accurate, but isn’t there supposed to be a slope where that carnival is, or am I mistaken?

  17. rudolphtherednosej:

    James Bond

  18. deangeoff:

    love him kicking the door open, oh man i ficking Mcknight rofl
    yeah like a fool

  19. mrjayfoggy:

    Sam fisher has a stronger death grip then my ex girlfriend when she was giving me a…. nevermind i don’t wanna talk about it

  20. terrorfestival:

    He said he couldn’t name a time when Sam wanted to get in some vagina and didn’t make it in. He clearly just didn’t want to.

  21. Dave Welsh:

    That was the greatest quote ever! Hahahaha

  22. icbm7:

    9:11 «i cannot name one time … where sam tried to get into something … some vagina, and didn’t succeed.» sam does not make into Grímsdóttir’s V, she’s a lesbian.

  23. Xxmcluvin310xX:

    9:09 haha good one sam :p

  24. unicornshatecookies1:

    «Sam Fisher always gets in. Always. I can not name one time that Sam Fisher has wanted to somewhere, something, or some vagina and has not successfully made it in.»
    Seamus..youre the best