The Reverend: Evil League of Evil application

The Reverend applies for a spot at the table…stable…whatever. Don’t tell him he just rapped. He’d only go into denial about it. He got in! See him on the «Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog» DVD! Transcript: Not to be confused with the master of puppets, I’m the Plush Preacher, Father Felt, the Pastor of Muppets. I’m the Miniature Minister of Sinister stuff The Priest made of ping pong balls, mischief and fluff. I am the puppet of the lord and I will tell you how to get to Bless-a-Me Street if you ain’t gotten there yet. Stop your thinking. Stop your feeling. Stop your copulation. I’ll make puppets of the entire population. I’ll put my hand up politicians, scientists and theologians. And I’ll bribe the Evil League of Evil with indulgence. That’s right, even the thoroughbred of sin can trot straight through the pearly gates if y’all let me in. An offer you can’t refuse. Unless you get one higher. Or unless you just do, in which case, you know, fire. Of the perpetual variety. So what’s it gonna be? Let the puppet in your club or burn for all eternity? This is not as much a request as it is a proposal of- fering you something quite val- uable you won’t get anywhere else. Still not sure? Need some more? Well…what am I here for? You’re probably thinking, that’s a preacher not a villain. He can’t be down with us unless he’s out there killing. Well, I’ve told you about my abilities as a herder, so let’s get to the real stuff: What’s my stance on murder? Well, once you know you

[youtube Vqc9jdZ-zlM]

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  1. ThePirateInPajamas:

    This is so well done lol it creeped me out

  2. Swenglish:

    I might give BC a second look.
    And thanks again:)

  3. Justin Wilson:

    Hm, I was checking out the site not too long ago with an amateur DJ friend of mine and the TOS sounded pretty comfortable, and doesn’t let anyone else get their grubby hands on your music.

    Might be worth another look, but either way, I’ll be looking forward to hearing whatever you come up with next and I’ll see if I can’t point a few more people in the direction of your channel. 🙂

  4. Swenglish:

    I almost signed up for bandcamp once, but their terms and conditions scared me a bit. Seemed like a bit of a «we reserve the right to sneak up and screw you over at some point» contract.

  5. Justin Wilson:

    Already gone and listened to everything you’ve put out man, including Ill Eden. 🙂

    You aughta get a page up on, It could be good for exposure and I’m sure a few people around here wouldn’t be adversed to throwing you a few bucks for a HQ download of a song or two.

  6. Swenglish:

    Thanks! Feel free to check out my other stuff. Search for «Vincent E. L.» or «ill_eden» on Soundcloud, for example.

  7. Justin Wilson:

    Just got my Dr.Horrible Blu-Ray today.

    I was expecting the ELE interviews to just be predictably embarrassing fan videos, and for the most part they were, but this… this I just had to pause after watching it to come onto YT and hopefully comment on the author’s page. Sir, this was amazing. Dark, threatening beat, clever rhymes and that unsettling, jerky syllabic movement to the chorus? Love. It.

    Also, Linkara’s theme is a total earworm. 🙂

  8. Alexis Hernandez:

    Word, man

  9. Swenglish:

    A bit of Youtube research and a bit of just winging it.

  10. 3WolfLover3:

    @Swenglish …very true. guess i should think before i say stuff. but yeah so where did you learn to make puppets?

  11. Swenglish:

    The «entire thing» can’t be an oxymoron, because the concept of an oxymoron doesn’t cover «entire things». «Tiny giant» is an oxymoron, as is «black light». What’s the oxymoron you’re referring to?

  12. 3WolfLover3:

    @Swenglish …the entire thing is an oxymoron but its frikin awesome! my favorite of all the applications

  13. LemonPieLoL:

    You just avoided complete irony on semantics.

  14. Swenglish:


  15. 3WolfLover3:

    oxymoron much??

  16. TheLionex:

    Vincent FTW!

  17. AdiaDreams:


  18. Joe England:

    Heh. Yeah, actually, I just did. I figured it would be okay this time since you were offering it freely anyway.

  19. Swenglish:

    Your best bet right now is to use one of those youtube-to-mp3 converter websites. Google youtube to mp3 and I’m sure you’ll find somewhere you can just paste this video’s URL and set it to the highest quality option and get the mp3 that way. I wouldn’t normally endorse doing that in general, but in this case it might be the only way (other than recording off the DVD).