Splinter Cell — Conviction Walkthrough with Commentary Part 3 — Woman Beater Extraordinaire

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[youtube Wkm9NnIWOfQ]

Splinter Cell

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комментариев 19

  1. ihsan ahmed:

    bad ass player splincer cell conviction is for kicking ass with scar h wich u cant unlock but stil kick some aaaaaaaaaassssssssssss

  2. 0R74ND0:

    Kobin: I SAID SHUT UP!!
    «Easy there boss :'( «

  3. MrDmanfox:

    Sam fisher, beating ass since 1987

  4. darthjacobmaak:

    She had it coming…XD

  5. Xenia Burruss:

    wats ur name

  6. Izzyman1441:

    Im not having a go but Seamus should be allowed to play any game he wants to regardless of his play style, and i dont think he sucks at stealth as he never really tries stealth unless he has to.

  7. TStrince:

    Does anyone else think its funny how people calls someone a whore then you find out the dad is 10 times bigger and stronger then you. that you shit you pants and say you didnt mean it?

  8. Dillon Nguyen:

    you watch shimmycocopuffs???

  9. perseus rydar:


  10. MrBrutus142:

    Deus Ex stealth pros..And now..Splinter Cell Conviction stealth pros..Yup people should know by now that Seamus is about as stealthy as a shotgun..Makes sense as it is his signature weapon.

  11. BrosiveBrothers:

    i can’t wait until splinter cell blacklist comes out

  12. Jackson Celich:

    Shimmy shimmy cocoa pufff

  13. PyrokeneticRebel:

    0:15 I heard a cat!

  14. Locke Tang:

    U don’t sneak since u really suck at it, if u like shooting, why don’t u stick with halo or some other shooting game, this is not the game u should be playing

  15. James Clevenger:

    You may suck at sneaking but many would agree you get an A+ in cheesy interrogation lines.

  16. MuRd3rZz2611:

    The worst thing in this game is the speaking animation

  17. TheMattswindows135:

    Still, Conviction was my fav series, he didn’t make vids for it for like 3 days, cant handle being bored

  18. Rell164:

    Man this reminds me of when one of my hoes forgot my orange soda she brought me a dam coke BITCH I SAID ORANGE

  19. DEADtoRISE08:

    1.John Morrison WWE 12
    3.Spiderman WoS