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Diablo 3 Secret Level — Hidden Level How to make the Staff of Herding Normal Mode How to Guide Whimsyshire Diablo 3 Cow Level Due to receiving a surplus of questions I decided to remake the video on how to acquire all of the pieces of the Staff of Herding, upgrade it, and how to use it to open Whimsyshire in this video. UPDATE — New upgrade video for the Staff of Herding! — www.youtube.com Hello everyone, I am ATRon The Gamer, and in this video I explain how you can create the Staff of Herding in Diablo 3 on Normal mode and how you can go about upgrading it for Nightmare/Hell/Inferno! In this video I will go over what each of the items that are required to make the Staff of Herding are, and how to acquire each one of them. The Staff of Herding is required in order to access Whimsyshire. Also keep in mind that making this staff takes patience and time unless you get extremely lucky with drop and spawn rates! Each item took several attempts with some taking longer than others (My 2 biggest struggles with acquiring the materials necessary were with Leoric’s Shinbone and The Gibbering Gemstone!) so keep in mind that you may need to remake the game several times to acquire each necessary item. This is how to make the staff in order to access Whimsyshire. Act 1 — Leoric’s Shinbone and Black Mushroom — Take waypoint to Leoric’s Manor, backtrack towards the entrace of the building and go into the room to the North East that is to the side of the stairs. Check the fireplace for

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  1. liton abm:

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  2. Sudhaghar Jayaraman:

    i found joining a public game, makes the merchant appear

  3. Wc3ProElimZ:

    I found them all by accident except the shinbone. I looked that up. I got them all (black mushroom being second last) by the time my 4th character was level 60. lol.

  4. Minstemann Mushi:

    Fucking mushrooms, have spawned in the manor like a hundred times. Only got the room one time and no mushrooms.

  5. Md. monuar hossain:

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  6. Minimeister317:

    The recipe: Staff of herding dropped on my very first try… Kinda lol actually.. Cause I saw this video first… then tried xD

  7. RedSoxKiller247:

    I can’t even get the fucking merchant for the Cave to spawn

  8. Marc Mal:

    hehe me i got it with 3 run + a legendary axe with my famous luck xD

  9. IpodCrazy1993:

    Found it on hour 5… -.-

  10. nipun thathsara:

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  11. thehazza96:

    i got gibbering gemstone first time when i wasn’t even making staff 😀

  12. Runslik3Wind:

    took me a VERY long time to get liquid rainbow but when i did
    i didnt have to go to lvl 2 it was almost right at the doorway
    so id suggest searching the WHOLE cave when you get in

  13. yeldarbbradley1:

    USE MAGIC FIND GEAR IN FROST CAVE! it really works

  14. Puyucu:

    Got everything except the liquid rainbow…that guy never spawns to let me enter the dungeon…this is so………..

  15. Christopher Osmulski:

    I think the boss can spawn burrowed, like a starcraft 2 baneling. So you gotta sweep the entire stage with a small radius of effect. I’d guess around 10 yards?

  16. joscbegra:

    Using a barbarian equipped with boots that boost movement speed and using active skills Sprint:Marathon,War Cry:Charge, and Unforgiving as a passive really helps farming these go faster.

  17. satchel page:

    been through caverns of frost so many times, ive actually managed to find a legendary scrimshaw with no mf….. still havent even gotten a damn boss tho!!!!

  18. Xyrutano:

    wow diablo is so smooth on your computer

  19. mark123neo123:

    thats been 55 runs now and counting and chiltara has not spawned 1’s yet. Lucks right out atm:(

  20. beastley325:

    You can find the merch. for Wirt’s bell on the Scouring of Caldeum, just talk to Leah.

  21. Trespassers01:

    i get the boss once and he drops it 🙂

  22. Wacław SmarujRogala:

    4h and chilitara doesnt spawn WTF?

  23. MouxusProductions:

    Lol! Got the gem stone thingy on first try x)