Solution 100 Doors новое Played By ScHlAuChi The best Jump´n´Run for PSX — fantastic gameplay and music! This is a 100% longplay with every secret shown!

[youtube 9CRQycJw_do]

Solution 100 Doors

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Zergonfilo:


  2. zombor17:

    no puedo pasar la vision 6-2, nesesito practica :3

  3. 동현 김:

    awesome play video-! thank you~!

  4. arod2211:

    I purchased it recently as well. Loving it so far. Lots of charm.

  5. PSPman128:

    Slenderman was here!!!

  6. xtremedestryer100:

    i remembered when i played empire of dreams on my gameboy 😀

  7. RetroClash95:

    Just bought this game. I hope I like it as much I think I am.

  8. LazyMan9000:

    Oh, so it’s not just me, then? Okay, that’s cool, for a second there, I was worried that I’d stepped into that episode of the Twilight Zone where this guy is the only one on the planet that still speaks English while everyone else starts progressively talking inane gibberish.
    Er… what were we discussing again? LOL

  9. laskolasko:

    RenegadeFury’s basically mentally retarded. So I had to dumb down to its level to try and communicate with it. Failed though. The guy’s just too stupid and attempts to argue with little knowledge of a language it can barely understand.

  10. LazyMan9000:

    I don’t understand this entire argument.

  11. TrulySilentLie:

    This is not being friendzoned… It’s even worse… Brotherzoned!

  12. DillinjahXx:

    this brings back beautiful memories…

    old times 😀

  13. RenegadeFury:

    u hav nut once explained ur original statement
    «lol…. Friendzone = BS»
    what does this have to do with klonoa
    at ALL

    but clearly u cant

  14. laskolasko:

    Please explain your mentality, I’m willing to try to make light of it.

  15. RenegadeFury:

    please explain ur statement
    i am willing to hear

  16. laskolasko:

    Yeah I know, it’s hard talking to a retard like you. 

  17. RenegadeFury:

    ps u shud also really google what friend zone means
    there is no friend zone issue in dis whole gaem