Splinter Cell — Conviction Walkthrough with Commentary Part 15 — A Meeting with Grim

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[youtube 2cHXoMgbogM]

Splinter Cell

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комментария 24

  1. ryolay:

    2319! there’s a child present in third echilon!

  2. bilaltariqmaan:

    ITS funny how he says FRAAG OUT ! FRAG OUT ! 😀

  3. KissMeImPunk:

    Cisco products are bullet-resistent? I need to do some super serial research.

  4. agentlee2815:

    were is grims bursing

  5. jedipenny:

    did anyone notice what looks like the death star on the wall at 4:40

  6. imherebecauseiwant2:

    anyone recognize 2319?

  7. gurpsk:

    background song from 7:00 onwards anyone please?

  8. RevelationsWarfare:

    I hate those goggles….

  9. Aetheraena:

    I thought his shadow was the enemy too 😀

  10. fugeicawa:

    Wtf is this tank advert?

  11. PredatorRayified:

    i dont know what happening

  12. hisnitch:

    Why are the others Private

  13. dmoney2ko:

    moreeeeee plz

  14. stevierae22:

    In the beginning you can hear James…

  15. UndeniedExpert:

    it’s true.

  16. BeanDipSalad:

    he’s not OCD, he just noticed. No need to be so harsh.

  17. BeanDipSalad:

    he probably thought saying «got» was better when the actor was recording, then the people who did the subtitles just wrote down the script. Something like that.

  18. BeanDipSalad:

    good for you, now stfu, and don’t complain about us replying to u cuz u asked for it when you said that. BTW gtfo. >:P

  19. OfficialCcallum:

    sam is mad bro :p

  20. TheCerealKillz:

    Don’t Comment then dumbass.

  21. hitsugayatoushiro101:

    @shaady44 then GTFO and dont comment.

  22. shaady44:

    Im sorry i cant watch this anymore.. Seamus playing splinter cell is like watching a body builder figure skate

  23. TheBoomerPride:


  24. 720steelers:

    are you that OCD?