www.longplays.org Played By: Deskawa King’s Field is a long running series that started as a launch title of PSX and that have spawned 3 direct sequels and other spiritual ones like Shadow Tower, Eternal Ring and the popular Demon’s Souls (and of course the awesome looking Dark Souls). The basic premise of the series is giving the players some dungeons to explore in a dark setting, with some simple stories loosely suggested to the player. This one never got out of Japan but fortunately some fans translated it so this is the version I’m playing. The walkthrough covers all the special items (well, I noticed just now that I forgot to put the useless skull armor while I was editing the video, so it’s not 100%), but some grinding and trips for minor (healing) items were cut so I could keep the longplay as short as posible (but don’t worry as I’ll go to where I initially was). As I think that you will get bored and lost easily I will tell you what I’m doing in each moment: PART 1 01:37-23:15 I find the Dragon’s cup and put it in the Dragon’s Temple so I can regenerate hp and mp in the fountain. I also met the clerk who asks me to find the stolen golden cross. 23:16-30:34 The merchant sells me the golden cross (for a very high price). And after that, I go back to the church so the clerk gives me a key which will open some doors on this map. 30:35-50:10 I deactivate the arrow trap and go to the next level 50:12-58:50 I go find the dungeon key, enter the dungeon and find the

[youtube b5KvrbZvmMw]