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James is joined by a new Demon’s Souls expert, Ben Richardson from the Game Front writing team. Along with Mitch, will they be able to take down Astraea and Garl Vinland? Watch and find out! Download the new Game Front iPhone App for free- itunes.apple.com For the best gaming news, visit GameFront.com — brk.to Facebook — brk.to Twitter — brk.to James — twitter.com // Mitch — twitter.com // Zac — twitter.com //

[youtube -SK7uDxAqTI]

WalkThrough Iphone

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комментариев 18

  1. OMayleaO:

    Damn, Ben is hot!

  2. Brady Shields:

    I love this gentle giant Ben! He needs to be in more videos!

  3. justmedawg:

    @Mario626 Nope, more like Leeeeeeeeeroy

  4. silverleon777:

    Might want to watch the continuation. 😛

  5. SilensMusic:

    We’ve got an actual expert here.

  6. nustiunumipasa:

    make him a permanent on your vids James

  7. Zpik3:

    Damn right you will.

  8. Mario626:

    Also, this guy is less havel, more guardian of rhea of thorourland…just to clear it up ^_^

  9. Mario626:

    Ben, godamn angel from heaven speaking these words of wisdom to james deaf ears…my relief was palpable…carry on ben, teach him for all our sakes!…too many fellow frontliners have passed away from a chronic case of fatal buttclenching -_-

  10. Mowgley3000:

    And zac

  11. Mowgley3000:

    Fuckin love these. Keep em coming Mitch

  12. pOpCoRn0531:

    Oh is that what she said?!

  13. TheChronoGamer:

    You are such an idiot!

  14. pOpCoRn0531:

    Ur still a noob lol

  15. Spike Spiegel:

    No because you should learn proper English, you illiterate cunt!

  16. pOpCoRn0531:

    Coz ur a noob.

  17. Spike Spiegel:

    ? Can’t understand what your saying.

  18. pOpCoRn0531:

    Pretty good feats specially after you have already watched youtube videos about those bosses aren’t they?