Slender «Punishment» Walkthrough — Mitch Plays Slender

Mitch lost the bet. Now he has to play a game he’s been avoiding for months… Download the new Game Front iPhone App for free- Mitch lost a bet. Now its time to play Slender. For the best gaming news, visit — Facebook — Twitter —

[youtube CqSb4kjdo0g]

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комментариев 17

  1. resistancefanyes:

    @GameFrontDotCom maybe the new james vs games can be slender all 8 pages in 20 minuuts

  2. pepe motoneta:


  3. Axel3141592:

    He should play 7th street

  4. FireSonic102:

    first of all, no need to be a douche to ghostrobo, I agree with everything else but it’s harsh to hate on certain youtubers.

  5. Jeremyrollers:

    Why the fuck it says walkthrough and it isn’t one.

  6. Jeremyrollers:

    What version is this? I have the newest v0.9.7 and i see this is too easy version you’re playing… in the newest one you can’t sprint as fast as in this, then when you sprint the flashlight goes down like in real life jogging.

  7. Sodapopdrop98:

    this time i feel safe enough to look at the video

  8. CohortCorbett:

    This series is Amazing, great challenges, hilarious and genuine punishments, you guys are as entertaining as two best friends play but far more informative on how to play the game!

  9. logan crampton:

    the slender kill whith 1 look? just like weegee whith out the mind control dosint it?

  10. nizran01:

    This was a pretty retarded video. I know that Mitch is just trying to avoid playing games he doesn’t like but this was actually a waste of time up to the last minute and probably pissed me off that I wasted my time more than anything. If james has to dress up in a Princess Leia costume and dance, why does Mitch get to play the boring ass part of a scary game and then say he got through it?

  11. toothlesshooker:

    14:11 and on is why you came don’t waste 14 mins of your life watching before it. Np Your Welcome 🙂

  12. VandalVortex:

    I think mitch’s sounds scared me a lot more than the games noises lol

  13. James Armenti:

    I love the Dead Space series but I tried playing alone with headphones on and it seriously took years off my life

  14. sekolahsrigarden:

    next game Mitch should be punished with is M.A.Z.E.

    link here

  15. CrusaderOfGod777:

    Dude I lived in the states almost of my life so I know what I’m talking about it rather not get into detail and once again I repeat if u want to talk shit come to Mexico City I WILL BE WAITING

  16. trahma01:

    not really i just cant stand the dude

  17. xrbl00dx:

    Hey im a ghostrobo fan and im not a «punkass»

    has there been bad blood between these groups?