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Hey! So we start off working on the storage room, then move to making a new area in our house! Hope all the Jevinators have a great day! Miss an episode of survival? Check out this link and subscribe to the show! ➜ www.youtube.com Jevinators Challenge! ➜ 1000 LIKES 400 COMMENTS World Download: ➜ www.mediafire.com (E80) Seed: ➜ 578396671 ———————————————————————————- Need a Minecraft server? ➜ tinyurl.com Click here to be a Jevinator! ➜ tinyurl.com Click here to get iJevin T-Shirts! ➜ tinyurl.com Check me out on Twitter! ➜ tinyurl.com Check me out on Facebook! ➜ tinyurl.com Send me Mail! ➜ Jevin P. ➜ PO Box 20442 ➜ Dayton, Ohio 45420 PIN ME TO YOUR HOMEPAGE TO GET ALL MY VIDEOS WHEN THEY COME OUT! ———————————————————————————— Music Information Music For Intro! ➜ tinyurl.com Music For Outro! ➜ tinyurl.com Background Music! ➜ tinyurl.com The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: c418.bandcamp.com ———————————————————————————— -IGNORE THESE- How to play Minecraft How to mod Minecraft How to get on Machinima How to craft How to find diamonds

new game IOS

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21 комментарий

  1. Joey krugr

    forgot to mention, dropbox has 2 GB free and a whole crap load of ways to get free space.

  2. Joey krugr

    100 MB limit??? jevin, use dropbox and make a download link for the world.

  3. bob jones

    yes, but he organizes stuff in such a way that stuff needs to be in the middle of a chest, and he isn’t going to download any mods for this particular series.

  4. LukeHasGamez

    Jevin you should make a wither arena in your house (obviously away from important things) it would be SEEEECKKK!!

  5. MadeInNorway4Fun
    Welcome to an Awesome Faction PVP 1.4.5 server indeed !
    We seek every noob and every pro out there !
    Brand new map, 24/7, good connection and a very good community!
    We fight, survive, thrive! <3
    If this msg made you join, ask for "Kvitfjell" and he might give u something 😉

  6. loserMojo

    Jevin you should make this world into a map you can download because this world is amazing!

  7. jaydenthompson3205

    Can you do it again

  8. beastmodeengaged2234

    14:07 Such a loud meow lol.

  9. ExplodingCaik

    I know im a noob for asking this. But I dont know how to download the world. Can you make a tutorial? Please like to jevin can see this!

  10. hojer95

    make a bunker or safe under ground room

  11. EvanAlexander28

    No problem.

  12. transformerboy2001

    you best at minecraft ijevin THE BEST!!!!

  13. TheMindMaster39

    yeah i know that now. sorry thanks

  14. Jill Sullivan

    like if u open up them all up

  15. Sil3ntz0mbi324

    Yaaa I love this world!!!!!

  16. John White

    And you say i have bad grammer

  17. AlterEgo218

    band of antropods… (pictures silverfish singing in a rock band) wtf did i just think of?

  18. SuperGoldenApe

    HA! You better have burn heal for that attack!

  19. King WaterMellons

    When you are out of ideas, you should add mods like equivalent exchange, or Buildcraft!!
    Like so he can see!

  20. FaNkCSS

    Lol, Jevin is playing on Peaceful.

  21. NotKaay

    Jevin’s wool arrangement made me cry.

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