Splinter Cell: Conviction — Kevin and Andrew Ep.2

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[youtube 2v4y9IbuI60]

Splinter Cell

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комментария 22

  1. Rachel Amato:


  2. TheLeon36081:

    I know you guys play it your way i’m just saing you can just flip the light switch

  3. LuVsToSpOoG134:

    roflmao agreed

  4. 2manyvideo32:

    1:24 LOL

  5. CommunityGamerDudes:

    Nah They have trained arobotix

  6. AndrewSniper02:

    8:10-8:15 LOL

  7. oppertunetrain:

    i guess that when they turn like 65 they won’t have much of a spine left (in game characters)

  8. DualForceProductions:

    They keep in super tippity top condition to avoid cracklin’ their vertebibblies

  9. MultiSuperniga:

    why are there screaming in the back ground

  10. Noe Garcia:

    Put alot of torches

  11. Colt Chad:

    He is going to kill that dude and he is going to die himself

  12. Colt Chad:

    Kevin here is a question:If there was a problem in the world and you had to two options that either involved killing andrew or sleeping with witch one would you do lol Plz reply Sincerly_Akamaxxy

  13. CKramer1990:

    Last time I checked, I can still see colors in the dark. Unless of course the area I’m in is pitch black. Then, everything is black. In no way do things turn black and white the darker it gets.

  14. xXInfiniteMischiefXx:

    Its the weekend.. why would I go on a saturday sir?

  15. supersushi269:

    Go back to highschool. :

  16. supersushi269:

    Press ‘z’ key to turn on sonar goggles. You are not even using them 🙁

  17. xXInfiniteMischiefXx:

    I have no clue what you are ever talking about. I’m not colourblind if thats what your saying? :L I see colours.

  18. supersushi269:

    The game developers tried to replace the NV goggles as Sam doesnt have them as he is no longer a part of the NSA.

    In darkness the cone cells in the retina of our eyes dont work, only rods work which can see black and white only. So if you have problem with black and white of the game then you will also have problem in real life.

  19. TheBackwards3:

    yeah, its only on xbox, while their playing it on PC

  20. azzasm7:

    you should do more of thease vids.ps. you are awsome

  21. joe matthews:

    night vision? you absalout moron

  22. poochie186:

    Im probably gonna go buy this game now for the 360