Правильно Splinter Cell

Part. 20 Realistic Difficulty Xbox 360

[youtube DQiuNYcnWg8]

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комментариев 19

  1. Thesilentkilla21:

    Where my muthafuckin weenies at man, i wake up like that too! LOL

  2. MrCommentary100:

    Sam went fuckin super saiyan! lol

  3. classicranger46:

    grim reminds me of tess mercer from smallville

  4. nuke moore:

    where my muthafuckin wienies at man!

  5. hitdoctor24:

    he had like a 30 second video that showed a replay of something from a wrestling game.

  6. Domenicomn:

    did that fat kid that gave sam the googles died in the explosion?

  7. Domenicomn:

    0:26 lol, its funny the way grim says «sam,please» XD

  8. L3thalKonflickt:

    it is

  9. jordan able:

    im fucking mad you no what do when im fucking bust some skull when im fucking mad!!!

  10. epicdarksyderz:

    Thong song sisqo lol

  11. johani1717:

    im fucking mad you know what i do when i am fucking im runing arownd and buz dose sculls becuz im mothe fucking mad ceep on running cuz im mad buz them heads cuz im mad running arownd and shooting your head cuz thats what i do when im fucking mad!
    Best song EVA!!!!

  12. anawesomepokeball:

    4:10 is the demo i Think

  13. machinimamarlon:

    For some reason, I have episode 14 of the Persona 4 anime in my head when Vash starts killing with the executes. You know that face Yu makes?….. pimp.

  14. LiveWire134679:

    It’s because he’s mad, he’s poping heads when he’s mad.

  15. LemoWolf:

    i love that song when that badass part came in!

  16. cleanboy9:

    really really thats how gr8 vahs is he can make up words and put some off beat tune to it and everyone loves i

  17. cleanboy9:

    he had a 2:11 video o n playing with puppets

  18. cleanboy9:

    ok here it go im fing mad i dont give a crap im gonna break ur neck tis going to snap huh

  19. JomandTerry23:

    I’m Fucking Mad feat. Sam Fisher — Vash12349