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[youtube CvpMQMlJP3s]

WalkThrough Iphone

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комментариев 25

  1. BEN BENI:

    everyone like LEON

  2. BEN BENI:

    i also man

  3. Ryota Saotome:

    damn ada is good

  4. ocsvarjose:


  5. dinoscanperro1:

    sorry but i think this game was better than resident evil 4 but i was in a big mistake

  6. MrJoemann95:

    Me too, with the cable.

  7. bigtexansfan:

    WTF!?! When I’m trying to climb the cable it’s like Leon hand keeps hitting something and won’t let him go any further. How do I get passed that?

  8. adrianoBILLY1:

    Anyone know the name of the song played at 6:24

  9. MiniMiniDays33:


  10. BladeOvan09:

    mgs version: leon no.
    something like that ewe

  11. MrShivstar:

    wa their stamina damm good sial. never get tired one

  12. Robomonkey101:

    1:08 No hope left Trailer 

  13. DarkOmegaZero1:

    Game Logic
    Gets hit doesnt fall off 

  14. Krizten Domingo:

    Helena : Handgun…because sniper is to mainstream! @4:17

  15. ortherworld:

    Are you by chance an Asian fangirl?

  16. Danyelle Crank:

    For a sec I though Leon and Heleana Were gonna go out do you gues think they would make a cute couple too ?

  17. politcalgamer:

    Neehhdnenf. Don’t remind me! That was so bad it almost destroyed the world!

  18. TheEdaShow:

    Well at least it’s better than Ada and Simmons. *shudders*

  19. MNHNT:

    maybe if leon admit her love in front of ada or vice versa, then i am sure they will start to live together. For now i thing their duty, work and responsibility is coming between them. theres no doubt that they love each other. its just they are not getting together.

  20. MNHNT:

    i think ada also has feelings for leon. she does always leave him but i still believe she loves him very much. and personally i like leon and ada as couple.from re4 and re6 whenever leon is in trouble she comes to aid him even if its not part of her mission. in re4 when wesker ask krausar to kill leon, ada went to save him whereas her mission was to retrieve the sample. and looking by her reaction it was clear that she loves leon.

  21. TheLonwolf626:

    4:34 Yeah Leon hurry up and catch that ass. XD

  22. Claude Thraxelon:

    Now i know why Leon’s into climbing…

  23. politcalgamer:

    Jake is 20 years old, officially. Which raises the question how he’s so battle-hardened. He must of become a mercenary in his teens. He does look a lot older. Since Wesker’s superpowers were retconned to be part of Spencer’s plans (dumbest retcon ever) Wesker could have passed it on before Raccoon City, instead of him getting the powers after the Mansion Incident. Grrrrr.

    I’m hoping Sherry get’s her own game.

  24. iceastone:

    i didn’t know jake was that young. i can see it in his face & attitude. plus, sherry looks like a teen too so, i guess it works for both even though she’s older. regardless, i’m interested in seeing more of jake and sherry crossing paths again. i wouldn’t be surprised if their characters get larger roles in future games.

  25. politcalgamer:

    That’s true. I do love that they became friends, mirroring their fathers, and I do like it more than Leon/Ada. I’m a stickler for continuity so Jake just bugs me.

    I also can’t get the idea that he’s just a clone and really just a few years old out of my head. That was the first thing that I thought when Jake was revealed as Wesker’s son. Gah! I would love to see more of Jake and Sherry (especially Sherry!) in the future.