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I don’t own anything. This video was made for fun not profit. Enjoy 🙂 Song is by Bowling for Soup ^^ HEY! Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh HEY! Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh HEY! 4 Years you think for sure That’s all you’ve got to endure All the (total dicks) All the Stuck-up Chicks So superficial, so immature Then When you graduate, Ya take a look around and you say «Hey Wait!» This is the same as where I just came from, I thought it was over, Aw that’s just great. Ch: The Whole Damn World is just as obsessed With whos the best dressed and (who’s havin’ sex) Whos got the money. Who (gets the honeys) Whos kinda cute and whos just a mess And you still don’t have the right look And you don’t have the right friends Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends High School Never Ends Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh HEY! Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh HEY! Check out the popular kids You’ll never guess what Jessica did! And how did Mary Kate (lose all that weight?) And (Katie had a baby so I guess Tom’s straight!) And the only thing that matters, Is climbing up that social ladder Still care about your hair and the car you drive Doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 35 Reese Witherspoon, she’s the Prom Queen Bill Gates, Captain of the chess team Jack Black, the clown Brad Pitt, the quarterback Seen it all before I want my money back! Ch: The Whole (damn) World is just as obsessed With who’s the best dressed and (who’s

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  1. Coyotalia:

    This made me laugh, thank you!

  2. IloveRosalie1330:

    Why is this not mobile anymore! >:o

  3. Lilmizzvenom:

    Lol this was so funny every bit fits in perfectly XD

  4. IloveRosalie1330:

    Why y’all hatin’ on Rosalie?

  5. Becca Summers:

    laughed my ass off….the best video ever!!!!

  6. vampirelifegirl:

    2:37 now THAT’S rough sex 😀 lmao jk. This video fits very well to the characters 😛

  7. EnDyReader:

    @ilikepinksocks i love your video is so funny :)

  8. BlancaALoveless:

    0:35 Edward’s face fits sooo perfectly XD

  9. Sillygoose14111:


  10. 123456789mangalover:

    it was funny when it said » and who’s just a mess» ( shows edward) and when they said » biil gates captain of the chess club and »who’s on the drugs» and all shows edward ahaha! take that edward( robert patterson)!

  11. Nina Howl:


  12. jimmyvon789:

    The thing is, if they had used this as the trailer for Twilight, it would have given people a much more accurate representation of what they were paying to see.

  13. SindianStar:

    «oh that just great» I LOVE HOW EDWARD LOOKS xD

  14. xoxCupcakexox:

    funny thing is is i’m a huge harry potter fan — but that doesn’t mean i can’t like twilight !! and before you say i’m not a true harry potter fan i’ve read the books each over 30 times (no joke) and i’ve also read the twilight books a lot. just because you like somethings doesnt mean you have to devote yourself to ONE thing .. and if you don’t like it then please don’t come on to these videos just to say you don’t like it thats just pathetic and needy..

  15. PunkyPlow:

    @twigirl5449 Oh, you defensive Twilight fan girls…

  16. bbqluvsme:

    Luv it